Creating compelling blog posts is not an easy task? At the beginning of my content creation venture, I faced many challenges. My journey has become easier with time and I share my routine in every content creation project.

I’ve had the dream of being a blogger for so long. The problem was that I never knew how to get it done. I believed that I could create relevant content that would keep my readers engaged by I had no idea where to start.

My first advice would be, Just get it done. Write as many articles as you can and publish them on any platform.
I’m also sure that you understand that writing a blog is not as easy as it sounds, right? But don’t worry I’m here to help you create a strategy that has worked for me for so long and helped me in creating compelling blog posts. I also have an article on how to overcome creative blocks which are very common among content creators/curators. This article is based on the challenges I encountered while establishing my platform and creating relevant content for my audience. Through the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to write a standard blog post that will keep your audience yearning for more of your content.

Choose a Blog Topic

Choosing a topic is the first step to creating any content. Not all topics are relevant to your audience. The first thing to do while defining a suitable topic is to determine the people you want to read and engage with your content. This will help you choose a topic that leads to the creation of compelling blog posts that your audience can relate to. You see, most people can create content but it takes a strategy to create content that interests your audience. Strategy 101 is creating content about a topic that your audience can relate to. That helps create an emotional attachment to your audience.

Maybe you’re asking yourself why you need your audience to be emotionally connected to your content. I’ll answer your question with one word, Loyalty. We want our readers to look forward to our future posts and loyalty is the way to do that. A specific topic also helps you in creating a headline for your blog. Most people continue to read your posts if your title makes them curious. A good article that is not within the scope of a topic and therefore lacks a luring title will have very few reads. Having a specific topic helps you create a content creation plan that guides you through writing content that is pleasing and fosters interaction with your target audience.

Outline key points

After you have chosen a topic, now create a writing plan. I’m going to share with you a strategy I’ve been using to create content for more than two years now. Start by creating an outline of the key points you intend to discuss in your article. Write down the key points from your topic? That’s too much work you may say. In most cases, writing an article that is more than 1500 words long can be a challenge. The easiest way to make sure that you avoid unnecessary repetitions and help you create high-quality content is by having a writing plan.

A writing plan, in this case, is an outline that divides your topic into micro-fragments of subheadings. Through the subheadings, you can write fresh and high-quality content about each part of your article. It is important and highly recommended to break down your article into the most specific subheadings. This makes sure that you create content that is refined about each heading in your article. If you have a clear outline of the various subtopics you intend to cover, it will take you a very short time to write an article independent of its complexity. Finally, the points in your outline should be in a chronological order that established flow in your article. You wouldn’t want to lower the quality of a well-written paper by messing with the flow now, would you?

Draft your Article

At this point I believe we have a topic, we have done our homework by conducting extensive research into the topic and we have created an outline that breaks the article into small fragments. Now let’s write the article. This should now be very easy. Did I see you frown? Let’s see how simple writing an article that is 1500 to 2000 words long can be. Let’s say you have broken your topic into 8 key subheadings. Write about each subheading in about 200 words each. That totals to 1600 words with an exception of the introduction and the conclusion. (Let’s do the maths, 8 subheadings * 200 words = 1600 words). If you add your introduction and your conclusion, the article will be complete and past the recommended length. That should be simple right?

Optimize and Publish

There’s more to creating compelling blog posts than just writing a long and high-quality draft of your content. Articles with many errors do no make compelling blog posts. Therefore, we intend to make sure that the article is perfect for our readers. I use perfection in the context of the grammatical attributes of your content. Your content should be free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes should be corrected and all the phrases should be relevant and used appropriately. Proofreading your work more than once is very important. But that may not be all as the eye may overlook some errors in your article.

You need some sophisticated software to check the grammatical nature of your article. That’s why I use Grammarly to correct all spelling mistakes in my articles, check the relevance of the various phrases I’ve used in my article, and, in some cases, review the originality of my work. The tool has been very effective and I have used it to make sure that I deliver high-quality content on various platforms. The tool helps you identify and eliminate any errors in your content by conducting spell checks and checking the relevance of the phrases used in your content. I will soon create another short guide on how to use Grammarly to make sure that you submit high-quality content, so stay tuned. After you are certain that your article is perfect for your readers, press the publish button.

Share on Social Media

Writing an article is the easiest part of being a blogger. The major efforts are in getting people to notice and read your content. Most bloggers who publish their content and wait for people to find their posts organically end up with very few reads. By using the term organic, I don’t mean they should pay people to read their articles. I mean that bloggers have a great responsibility of making sure that people find their articles and engage with their blog posts. Social media is by far the most effective platform to showcase or market your content. I believe that most bloggers have a few hundred followers on social media. Now that is your first audience. Share your content on your timeline and request feedback from your audience.

Requesting feedback and engaging with your audience on social media will help you grow traffic to your blog site and consequently increase your number of readers. Whether positive or negative, their feedback is what will help you grow your skills and deliver better content. I understand that in most cases we feel that our content is not good enough and shy from sharing it. My greatest lesson is that we learn from feedback given by our readers so it’s recommended to have the courage to share our content. That way, we give our content a large outreach, learn from mistakes made if any, and grow through feedback provided by readers.

I hope that you’ve had a productive read. Kindly type your comments below to add to anything that I may have left out. Also, share your experiences and the challenges you might have encountered creating compelling blog posts. You can also make money by creating content for blogs. check out my article on how to make money working online. For a private chat with me, leave me a not in my Twitter DM and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
Thank you and God Bless you.

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