How do you legitimately make $250 per month working online in Kenya as a beginner? Is it achievable? What does it take?

In the current era where the internet has predominated the world and the state of the economy in Kenya which is forcing every individual to break a sweat, there is a need for everyone to find a means to earn something extra. Most people use the internet daily with most millennials spending more than 2 hours per day online. The case is different for some of us who spend more than 10 hours per day online. We can’t help being online either on social media or other platforms learning or accessing information.

What if I told you that you can monetize the time you spend online?

The internet has presented very many legit ways of making money online. Through these ways, you can comfortably score an easy $250 per month working online in Kenya. However, there are many fraudulent paths online that every individual should steer clear of. With the current state of our economy and the chaos in the employment sector, most people, more so the youth, opt to work independently online.

However, for those that have tried this venture, we both know that it’s not as easy. Making money online is not as easy as it sounds or as other people make it seem. It involves a lot of struggle, deprivation of sleep among other sacrifices. Not to mention the long hours hitting the keyboard behind a computer screen.

The most rewarding and easy-to-do tasks online are in the line of content creation. Content creation is a very broad topic and entails written, audio, and video among other types of content. This guide, however, is one of a beginner series that mainly talks about how one can make at least $250 ( 25,000 KSH ) per month working online in Kenya creating content.

Let’s get caught up.

1. Academic writing

I hated doing assignments back in the day. There’s no way I imagined that I could do someone else’s assignment. But that was before I learned that I could make money online writing academic research papers. Academic writing involves researching and completing assignments for students overseas. Now, there have been many allegations about this kind of gig. The ethical aspects of doing such jobs and their association with cheating are a question for another day.

One thing I know for sure is that most people with the right exposure, more so campus students in Kenya, make a living out of it. A small section that realizes its potential has made it their permanent job after completing campus. I know a few people who are living luxurious life courtesy of academic writing. Check out this article on the dynamics of academic writing that is based on my personal experience of over 6 years.

2. Blogging

Now, most people are not aware that they can make money from blogging. There are various ways of making money through blogging. The first and easiest way is to write blog articles for already established blog sites. This pays up to 1000 KSH per blog article but you have to be really good at it. I say that this is the easiest because you just write high-quality content that converts and sell it to bloggers online. Let’s do the maths: assume you’re being paid $10 (equivalent to 1000 KSH) for every article, you make $250 per month working online in Kenya by just writing 25 articles.

The very involving alternative is creating your own blog site. This alternative is dreaded because it requires hard work and patience. In the short term, an independent blogger makes less money but those who do not give up realizing that it’s a worthwhile investment in the long term. With establishing your blog site, you may choose to host your blog on third-party websites or choose to create your own website which costs money. Check out my other article on how to create compelling blog posts that convert.

3. Proofreading

😅I know right?

Proofreading is a thing, and you can make money out of it. Some people prefer creating their content despite their busy schedules but lack time to proofread their work. Instead of delaying publishing their content unedited, they prefer to pay people to proofread through their content. In order to proofread a book or article, you need to be very good at grammar. However, there are some tools and software that are very helpful when proofreading. They help reduce your workload by scanning through your content and making suggestions on grammar, punctuation, and phrase orientation etcetera.

With proofreading, as the name suggests, involves reading through content and making sure that it’s free of any type of errors. Read through the content word after word to rule out any type of errors that may turn off a reader.

4. Transcribing

This is the easiest way of making money online. Yes, easiest.

Unlike other jobs where you have to research and come up with high-quality content that is as original as possible, transcribing simply entails converting audio to text. What you do is just listen to audio, it may be a speech or video, and create a transcript of the video. In simple terms, you put audio into a high-quality written form.

That sounds easy, right?

5. Digital marketing

This is my favorite.

Digital marketing is a very broad field and I’m only going to cover the basics in this article. For more, I’ll create a more detailed article introducing and outlining in detail the various aspects of digital marketing for beginners, so subscribe and stay tuned.

With digital marketing, you market businesses or brands online. One way is by being an affiliate. With affiliate marketing, you get a commission for every conversion that you drive. Simply, a business pays you for every customer you bring. check out my detailed article on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

The second way is by being an influencer. An influencer is an individual who has command of social media and uses this to market products online at a fee. Different businesses look for different qualities in an influencer in terms of engagement, impression, or followers. If you command a large audience on social media, you can utilize that to market businesses or brands at a fee. Simply, you are an ambassador for a business or brand online and you get paid to do that. To achieve influence on social media check out my article on social media marketing strategy.

Through the five ways outlined in this article, you can easily earn $250 per month working at the comfort of your house.

My advice

Now, remember, when you start making some money from whichever online gig you acquire save some for tomorrow. The shortcoming from working online is that there’s no certainty for a payday at the end of every month. Earning is based on the effort you put, how hard you’re willing to work and the sacrifices you’re willing to make. You might not get to hang out with your boys or girls because working online can be very demanding at times. Not to mention sometimes you will be forced to burn the midnight oil to make sure that you increase your returns. Bottom-line, working online requires a lot of dedication.

I hope you have learned something from the article. Most of it is based on my personal experiences working online for more than 4 years now. In case you have any questions or something to add on, drop your comments in the comment section below and I’ll gladly answer them to the best of my ability.

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