How do you overcome creative blocks? My worst moments in life are when deadlines have me in a corner and I can’t come up with a creative line of thought for articles.

I mean, do you ever experience moments when you can’t think even if your life depended on it -creative blocks?

Think of it as a period when you can’t create any relevant content for your blog posts or your clients. To most content creators, this is a common phenomenon and one they dread so much. Most of my days are spent creating content either for social media posts for my personal or client accounts and blog posts. During my bad days, I can’t comprehend even the simplest topics and I end up wasting most of the time listening to music or watching movies.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. I tried many ways to overcome creative blocks and noted what worked for me. I intend to share in-depth the activities that restore my creativity even on the worst of days.

let’s get caught up.

Organize your working environment and your tasks.

Creativity is dependent on how you organize yourself and your work. Every strategy starts with a plan so plan for your work ahead 0f time. Organizing your work helps a great deal more so in the conception of new ideas. An organized mind is a productive mind. How do you organize your work? By identifying the tasks that lie ahead of you and filling them in your schedule, you make sure that you’re focused on completing the tasks and achieving your goals. Contrary to that, a disorganized mind has no specific direction. Rather, you jump from one task to another without any plan and eventually you get lost in your thoughts and end up producing low-quality content that does not compel any engagement from your audience. Therefore, begin by organizing your workstation.

An organized working environment contributes significantly to your creativity as it provides a platform where you can nurture new ideas. After organizing your workstation, organize your work in a chronological manner that compels smooth operations as you complete your tasks one after the other. Arrange your tasks in the order of their priorities. This will help you focus on what is important first as you define more creative ways of going about tasks that come later.


In very common cases, we get worn out despite having a conducive working environment and a clearly scheduled task plan. In the worst-case scenario, this happens when we have clients and deadlines up our throats. The frustration in such situations is just unbearable. At such times, we can be productive but we can never be creative. What I mean is, you might struggle and get the work done but I’m sure that the quality of the work will either be average or poor.

Nobody wants to deliver half-baked content, right?

At such times when you feel very frustrated and can’t create new ideas, just unplug. Step away from your workstation and take deep breathes. If you can access a coffee or smoothie machine don’t hesitate to get yourself a humongous mug. I know you’re under pressure but, trust me, staring at your Computer screens does you no good. Instead, it increases your frustration. So, step away from your space and give yourself a short break depending on the complexity of the work that awaits you.

Adopt Meditation

Meditation is a very effective way of gathering your thoughts and claiming your creativity. I consider this a very aggressive move and only use it when my deadlines are very unpleasant. There are those days when some tasks emerge from nowhere and claim your full attention.

Sometimes you have that one client who drives so much pressure your way your mind almost pops. In such situations, none of the earlier discussed techniques tend to be viable options. So roll your sleeves and get the aggressive technique off the shelf. Focus all your mental energy on the problem at hand. In most cases, you giggle when you realize that a solution to the problem was right under your nose. Sometimes you realize that swimming through pressure is a very effective way of claiming your creativity. In those critical moments where there’s too much on the line, use this aggressive technique to get your creative `chi back.

Go analog

We all love computers among the other cool devices that we interact with daily. But what we fail to realize is their role in disrupting our creativity. Social media, for instance, cause more disruptions than anything else while interacting with our devices that are connected to the internet. In most cases, it’s not intentional. We promise ourselves that we’ll only go through a few updates but end up wasting so much time giggling at memes. Guilty as charged (I was a victim of this one for sure). When interactions with your devices lead to creativity blocks, I suggest you go analog.

Grab a pen and paper, push your devices aside and note down your key ideas. This has been proved to be a very effective way of brainstorming. Brainstorming while noting down points on a paper is a very effective way of restoring your creativity. This technique helps you create new and creative ideas to guide you through content creation processes.

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