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Mental Health: An overview.

Mental health has become a phrase we hear almost every day and the question I ask myself every time is why are the cases increasing day in day out? And why have there been no ultimate remedies to this problem? I mean, people in the society are suffering and very little seems to be done to help solve the mental health problem.

We have always dreaded illnesses such as cancer and HIV among others. One disorder we have overlooked for a long time is mental health, but no more. The cat is out of the bag and from the looks of it, it’s not going back. But before we dive deep into mental health, what is it, and what does it entail, really? Is everybody aware of the importance of ensuring mental health and what are the ways of making sure one does not fall victim to mental health disorders?

My take on mental health is the different problems that compromise our psychological and emotional health. I don’t believe that it’s not something that happens one morning. I think it’s a gradual process, a sequence of events that affect how people interact with their peers in society. But the question remains, what things are likely to cause mental health problems?

Over expectation.

What most of us fail to understand is that Rome wasn’t built in one day. It took time, many years I presume. We beat ourselves up because things aren’t going our way and forget that every result is a result of short gradual processes. Failure, similar to success is a process. So if it takes time to fail, it will also take time to succeed. I know we have had different experiences and some people presume that others are luckier than them. This is probable, but I tend to think that the more you fail without giving up implies that you will a mega success opportunity is you keep going. Instead of being depressed and losing the fight to depression among other mental disorders, take the bull by its horn and keep fighting. You will catch your break soon enough. Build your Rome one stone at a time. If you fail, look at it as a chance to improve the strength of your foundation.

Social interactions and social media.

I love social media. Some of my closest peers will tell you that I’m addicted to twitter. But I believe that one thing that has gotten me through the hype on social media is knowing that I am different from all my followers and following. Our social interactions do a thing or two in our lives. Some of us use social media and social interactions to set bars in their lives. I’m sorry friend, it doesn’t work that way. Everybody is happy in most of these engagement platforms, but the big question is are they literary happy in real life? Your answer to this question is right.

Most people share their good memories on social media and lock their bad ones in a sandbox shielding it from the world and publicity. Don’t let this be the basis of your decisions in life. Do better. It’s okay to desire some lifestyles, I do that all the time. But don’t beat yourself up because your peers seem to have better stories to share either online or offline about their lives, it may be true or not. Either way, don’t take it personally.

The society is not fair and don’t expect it to be pal. Pressure form the society and the people around you can be toxic. How you handle it is, however, all up to you. What do you do with the pressure? I don’t know what my nuclear or extended family perceive of me and what they expect from me. All I know is I kinda don’t care. This is my trick, it may be unconventional for you but it has kept me mentally healthy for a few decades. I just mind my own damn business. I mean, yes I have. I have my own small and big dreams and I care less about what the society thinks about me but this attitude has kept me sane for more than two decades. Don’t let anyone dream for you, take charge of your dreams and actualize them in a gradual process to avoid psychological or emotional stress.

We have seen what is eating society alright. But how do we rid ourselves of the toxicity of mental disorders? Here we go.

Have flexible timelines.

A few days ago I read a tweet that said: “failing 1000 times means you have 1000 possible ways of doing something.” This slapped me differently. Failure is a success if you look at it sanely. Like I said earlier, the more you fail the bigger the reward when you succeed. This attitude has kept me going amid limitless failures and eventually I caught my break in some projects. Don’t expect too much. Give everything your best but leave room for adjusting your strategies.

Don’t social conversations personally.

Sometimes I can be a passionate debater but I know better. I value what’s logical but I protect my emotions and my mind. Don’t take everything everyone says personally. We joke too much especially when we are in a safe space to argue passionately and openly. Learn to sieve the perceptions of people and value what’s relevant for you without being too personal.

It’s not about how long you live but the quality of life you live. I believe that I should live a life that inspires. This way I protect my soul, mind, and heart. Any path that leads to causing pain to these three elements of your life should be avoided at any cost. I hope you enjoyed this read. Read more on mental health by following this link. Also, kindly subscribe to receive updates of my future posts and share this post to shed light on this issue of mental health. Also, follow me on social media for healthy online engagement. Chao!



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