As of now, the coronavirus pandemic is in 162 out of 195 countries worldwide. Our government recently urged us to avoid panicking. I was seated on my couch thinking, how can we not panic? I mean, we are faced by a virus we have not a cure and one whose aggressiveness is growing day in day out.

In every situation, I focus on being positive and even in this case where I found no reason to be positive, initially, I have found one now. Early this morning, 17th March 2020, the united states began its first human trial with the aim of finding a cure to the coronavirus pandemic. This might not mean a thing but it also means a lot. Every journey starts with one step and our one step towards a world rid of the virus has just begun. My question to took these superpower countries remains, what took you so long to begin the trials? I don’t want to sound like a b!tch but come to think of it, what took them so long?

The whole coronavirus pandemic issue has been shrouded in controversy since day zero but let’s not dive there. I believe that the dark cloud is passing. I have one thing to ask my fellow human beings, brace yourselves for this bumpy ride because we’re going to conquer real soon. Follow these steps and I believe we’re all going to see the other side.

Staying safe from coronavirus.

  • Avoid crowded locations at all costs.
  • If you have to be in crowded locations wear masks.
  • Use hand sanitizer to observe personal hygiene.

This is just to mention a few protective measures. The World Health Organization prepared a brief on what people can do to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the short video below.

Various governments are calling in their officials for strategic meetings to help combat this menace. In our country, Kenya, serious issues have to be the basis of trolls on social media and coronavirus was no exception. However, after consultations with the right authoritative bodies and personnel, the government came up with ways for its citizens to steer clear and reduce the spread of the virus. Here is President’s message to his people.

In other stories, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has today donated test kits and maks to African countries to help them combat the coronavirus pandemic. The ma’s foundation is reputed to donate over 1.1 million testing kits, six million masks, and 60,000 protective suits. Subscribe to our website newsletters for more updates.

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