A few days ago a friend of mine walks up to me and asks, can you date a lady for three months and not want some action?

My straight answer is No. I mean, there is no guy who doesn’t want some action in a relationship. But that doesn’t mean that all guys want the action to stick to the relationship. My view is, that was the wrong question. My answer would be different if the question would have been, can you date for three months without action? My answer here would be yes.

Let’s face the truth here man. Most of the people here have had some bad relationships. Some ladies have literally been abused in their previous relationships. Because of this, they are paranoid to love again, and when they do they want to take things slow. And so have some men too.

Let’s cut them some slack and try to understand them. We are human and sometimes we just want something typical and slow. So, instead of judging them, try to understand where they’ve come from.

I know of a friend who had been in a very uncomfortable relationship all her life. She was abused and the guy cheated on her several times because he knew she loved him and there was nowhere she could go. Well, jokes on him now. When she met her perceived soul mate, she was not sure whether it was her right person but as it turns out, he was and now they are parents together.

The bottom line is, to the ladies, sometimes it is better to hold the cookie for as long as you can because the right guy doesn’t focus on the cookie. Instead, he wants the entire cookie jar, and giving him the cookie will actually send him away. Besides, no guy wants to wife a lady he perceives to be cheap and seemingly desperate for love and attention.

I know I might have deviated from the question in hand but I had to put my mind out there. I can date for three months without action. But, I always want some action so I cannot date for three months without thinking about action. But if she is the right one, I wouldn’t mind waiting because I know the wait will pay off and be worth the while. What do you think?

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