He’d never, not even once, thought of betrayal. Not after what they had been through together. Then on one of his routine visits home, it turned out to be really dramatic. Since that day, his life was never the same again.

He walks through the streets glamorously holding a bouquet in his left hand. In full white navy attire, he catches the eye of everyone he crosses paths with attracting waves from all ladies along with his path home. Sliding the gate hinges with precision to prevent any unnecessary noise to alert his wife, he walks into his gated home. It’s a large mansion in the suburbs, away from the city’s chaos.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Upon opening the door, he smiles at a framed portrait captured on their wedding day. He closes his eyes and deeply inhales the familiar scent he had missed for thirteen months while at sea. Right foot forward, he tiptoes through the lobby towards the balcony where he hears mild noises. He pulls out his lucky smile and heads out to meet his wife. Usually, his charisma is reciprocated with warmth by a glowing being. He expects the same to happen this time but the times are troubled or maybe he stayed on board the watercraft for far too long.

His beam of Light.

Usually, she’s a beam of light. Her Mijikenda origin is a significant aspect of defining her beauty. Warm, caring, friendly, and patient were attributes that defined her. All her values characterized a loyal African wife. Could the western cultures she’d been exposed to after her marriage changed her? Or maybe the fast-changing world could have caught up with her.

The thoughts were disrupted by a loud outburst. And that outburst asserts that something was wrong. Normally, her laugh was modest usually a show of mannerism and respect for those around her. Reserved in nature, she never had friends she could be that comfortable around let alone let her guard down to let out such an outburst. Shrugging all the thoughts, he pushed through the curtains into the balcony. First sight defies all naval training regarding controlling one’s emotions. There is his best friend, in another man’s arms with the greatest smile on, one he’d not seen before.

Drama in the study room.

He turns right and heads to his study room. Along the lobby, he smashed his fist against another one of their portraits. Every wording on the wall read betrayal. A vase he’d bought for their third anniversary appears to be moved from its usual position and seems to haunt him. He hits it over and it breaks upon impact with the ground. In his study room, he opens the draws orderly, takes out his military-issued short gun and a bottle of whiskey. He pours out one glass for his pain and heads for the window where he stares down to the swimming pool sipping through the whiskey.

It seems like forever but his two counterparts, led by his wife, soon walk into the room. Regret in her eyes, she pleads for mercy but he stares coldly through the window and continues to sip through his glass of whiskey. The charisma had faded and the range he felt was evident from his clenched jaws. She felt it but was there anything she could do?

The perpetrator takes a step closer. Neatly dressed and his hair combined in a medium fade with a long hair on top, he stands elegantly in the study room in a manner to take charge and neutralize the situation. He reminds me of the batch we called cool-kids back in college, the few whose style shout betrayal. With his left hand in the pocket, he attempts to start a conversation. He stammers and decides to assume his earlier silence. He looks around as if trying to locate something within the room then gives it up and resumes his posture to perfection.

Anger beats Love.

Soon the military man turns around and looks at his pleading wife, and scrutinizes her for a while. All he could read of her expression was betrayal. A few moments later he turns his gaze to the perpetrator, his fists clenched tightly as he holds the glass in his right hand. He systematically walks toward the mahogany office desk in the middle of the room and squirms as he placed the glass on the desk. At this time the cheating scumbag attempts to knock him down in an attempt to leave the room and here is where the action begins. A struggle erupts between the two.

As expected the military man is no match for the neatly dressed lad, he assumes dominance thanks to his military physique and training. His wife screams and pleads with him to let go off her lover but this only accelerates his anger. In her attempts to pull her husband off and ending the fight, he topples over and this time he is overpowered and pushed to the ground against the fluffy office carpet. The situation escalates and it appears that the wife and her lover have taken the same side. But it’s her instincts as they instruct her to attempt to create peace to the situation. But, what are the odds of peace in such a situation? Eventually, her lover gets lose and finds an opportunity to flee.


Driven by anger and frustration, his judgment clouded by emotions he pulls out his short gun and shoots twice. And suddenly, there’s silence in the air. She’d betrayed him, now see the ultimate mess she’d caused. As the loud bang sets in, he contemplates his actions and the consequences that would follow. Judging from the look on his face, he wasn’t content with his actions.

It did not change the fact that he’d been betrayed by his closest friend, one he’d presumed to be his soul mate. She had broken her vows and quit being loyal to her husband as she had promised under oath. She had exercised the greatest form of betrayal. Looking at the roses lying far on the ground, the leaves and petals appeared to wilt and the light in the room appeared to fade each second that passed.

The ultimatum.

Do you think there was a happily ever after? What do you think happened next after the betrayal? What does betrayal really do to a person? Stay tuned to know and follow us on social media for updates.

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