To stay safe from the coronavirus, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Reports from both the CDC and the WHO show state that we should wash our hands with soap for at least 24 seconds through running water.

But really, how does using soap or hand sanitizer help us get rid of the coronavirus more effectively?

Here is how soap gets rid of the coronavirus cells.

The cells of typical cells have a coating of fats and oils. The coronavirus cell is no different. The cells have a layer of fats and proteins that allow them to attach on the surface of different materials. Washing our hands with soaps helps dissolve the cells into harmless cell materials. Washing our hands with water alone does not wash the cells away. Instead, the fat and protein layer of the cells allows them to repel the water molecules and they remain our body surfaces. However, using soap helps remove the cells from our skin surface and prevent further transmission.

Soap has the ability to dissolve in water. It also allows the dissolving of the coronavirus cells into the water. Once the cells are dissolved, their components of the cells are harmless and that’s how you prevent the virus from infecting you and also spreading to people you interact with. It is that easy my people. Makes sure you wash your hands with soap for half a minute to make sure that you wash off the coronavirus cells completely off your skin.

Using hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers have one very important ingredient, alcohol. Alcohol works the same as the soap, it helps in dissolving the coronavirus cells. however, it is advisable to choose a sanitizer that has the recommended concentration of alcohol. Alcohol is soluble in both water and fats. This way, it dissolves the contents of coronavirus cells making the virus harmless. Therefore, using hand sanitizer is just as useful as washing hands thoroughly with soap.

The question is, how do you know the right sanitizer to use. It’s really simple. Find one that has at least 60% alcohol concentration. The specified types of sanitizers are very effective in dismantling the coronavirus cells making them very effective in preventing the infection of the virus and also spread.

To stay up to date we recommend that you also read more from the WHO and the CDC. Also, follow our updates here on living safe and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

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