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What I never knew about being a Dad.

A dad and a father are two phrases people mistake, but they mean different. There is a lot I never knew about being a dad, but that doesn’t mean I can trade this feeling for anything. A couple of days ago, my fiancee and I were blessed with a baby boy. It’s the greatest feeling ever, I mean, I have had some huge successes be it in my career or life in general but this is something else. Initially, I thought that it would just be about being saluted ‘dad’ and hitting him back with ‘hey son’ but that’s not the case. There are so many things you think you are ready for but you’re not even close to being ready. check out my other article on you will neer be ready to be a dad.

The first time I saw my son, well, I was so scared and yet at the same time I was sure that nothing would scare me ever again. I immediately felt like I had some superpower and believe me, you can get through anything that gets in your way. That happened to me, it’s like I was high on all drugs all at once. But then from that moment, I had one new responsibility up my sleeves and I intended to embrace it with both hands. One that I was probably not ready for but also one that I had no choice but to get ready for. It was one of those moments you have to learn on the job.

I had never held a newborn in my arms and this first time was scary as hell. First, they are very fragile. I mean, you have to support everything including the back of their neck. When he first cried while in my arms, it was a helpless cry. You might think that this is just a funny joke but truth be told, that cry gets to your core and you’re ready to do anything to make it go away. We always talk about a mother’s love but I think a dad’s genuine care is underrated. Dads love as much as mums do but they receive very little recognition in return, especially from their sons. It’s the society alright, but I intend to change the relationship between me and my son.

I thought being a dad was just about being able to pay bills but there surely is more to the title than most people perceive. First, you have two children. Here’s my analogy your wife and your newborn are your initial children. After childbirth, our ladies are tired and need time to heal especially if they had a tough experience. Children, on the other hand, have trouble adjusting to the new environment and you kinda have your hands full. But I think we’re made for this. It’s a challenge but then its a bittersweet feeling being part of your world and enjoying it while we’re at it.

My initial days are not my best. The experience of sleepless nights is the worst. I literally had to wake up every few minutes to check on the little man. My fiancee struggled to wake up but I had a responsibility to make sure she slept and healed so I had to force her back to seep. There’s a lot I never knew about being a dad but I think I’m having the hang of it. Follow my #daddyadvice/#familyadvice here or join the conversation on twitter.

My piece of advice, know how to change diapers in the middle of the night when you can’t open your eyes fully such that it becomes second nature. Also, learn to be a gentleman because your fiancee will need that especially if she had a tough delivery experience that involved surgery. It is tiresome but it will be worth every effort.



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