Maybe what you are doing wrong is not writing a letter to your love. Every man wishes they could have a good wife. But my question is, what defines a good wife? Is it her beauty? Her sense of fashion? Or her brains? what really does?

I’ve been lucky most of the time in life. Did I just say lucky? Yes, I did! Wait, do I believe in luck? Long story short, it’s 4:24 a.m in the morning when I’m writing this. I’m beat but I gotta do what I do best, write. My loves (wife and son) are in the next room asleep and I’m in my study doing what I do best, writing. I’m not the hardest worker on the planet but I do my best to meet my family’s needs. But my parents believe in my hard work, probably because it is genetic to be a hard worker in our family. They also believe that I deserve every good thing that comes my way. I’m just not sure a good wife was in their mind. Or probably it was I just never asked. But now that we’re closing the bridge, let’s face it.

I’m obviously too young to have a family but what do I care about? You might think I’m being rude here but I’m not. Let’s face it, I’m not 30 yet, and I got a wife and son. Wait this was a letter to my love, right? Let me get back to it, shall we?

Up-close and personal.

Well, she’s the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I was through the roughest patch in my life when I met her. I was new in the neighbourhood, obviously, running away from the demons from my previous hood. That’s also a long story. But the long story short, she came at the right time.

Denial is a funny thing. You see, everyone experiences denial at least once in their lifetime. You know, the time when all you want is a bottle of whiskey, and another one after that and then another after that one. Yes, it was that kinda time, when I met you. But you never judged, you just watched as I wrecked everything I’d built for three years. Man, I admire your silence at times, you just watch and understand. That’s what I describe as heaven-sent.

Even after wrecking my empire, you still gave me the strength I needed to get it all back. A perfect wife is not the prettiest or the most intelligent. Yet here you are, the most beautiful and the smartest one, both in line. I have accomplished some big achievements, but you beat them all. Love, you have given me more than I could ever ask for; ultimate love, loyalty, and most importantly helped me create a home. There’s nothing I could do to make it up to you but maybe giving you the best life ever, not to anybody’s eyes, but to your eyes. Thanks love.

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