Do you know how to protect your mental health during this chaotic coronavirus chaos?

Mental health is very important and I feel that it’s not being stressed enough amid this global coronavirus pandemic. Keeping one’s mental health in check is a challenge and this coronavirus crisis has made it an even greater challenge.

Let’s face it here friends, not all people love staying home. most countries are on lockdown a the moment and we have no option but to stay home. Adults are not going to work, most schools are closed so kids and teenagers are home. I know the chaos in that living room because my case is similar too. The big question is, how do you maintain your sanity during this period?

How do you protect your mental health?

There are various ways to protect your mental health, but it’s up to you to make sure you are in control. Let’s get engaged, shall we?

Accept the situation you’re in.

There is no escaping this one so the easiest way to get through this. Accepting that you will be stuck at home for some while is the first step to being at peace. Don’t regret or focus your energy on trying to getaway. It’s your family, find a way to bond with them. I understand that the anxiety associated with the COVID-19 is intense and you might panic.

It’s normal to panic, we all do. There are many things you can do together as a family to make it easy. Here are a few things I recommend; engage in cognitive rebuilding games such as chess, scramble, etc. These games help improve the creativity of your family members. watch documentaries you mutually enjoy, they will help you hold passionate conversations. You might learn new things that you did not know about the people you live with.

Find new ways to interact with your peers.

Being indoors can be boring. It is important to catch up with your friends and workmates. Social media has provided a platform where you can interact with people. Join Whatsapp groups with people whom you share interests. Twitter chats are also very effective ways of sharing information among people on twitter so be sure to join a few.

Misinformation is very common on social media and its killing many people psychologically before the virus gets to them. It is, therefore, advisable to follow platforms that share credible information such as WHO, Unicef, CDC, etc. These should give accurate information and you can also interact with people engaging in their timelines.

Be kind to both yourself and others.

When conversations offline are constrained, it could be really overwhelming. People tend to be in bad moods as they wage battles with their thoughts. Social media is no safe haven. People there can be mean and sharing your thoughts there could result in trolling, which has negative effects on mental health. But I believe that this is something we can really change. And it’s simple, just be kind. I understand that this are trying times alright, but being nice and kind to people can go a long way.

We will get through this and we will get through it by remaining sane. Protect your mental health by following the guidelines above.

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