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The Lenovo G50-80: I loved this mini-beast.

The Lenovo G50-80 has a special place in my heart. It was my first laptop a few years ago before I knew much about computers, devices, programming or even writing.

My first love: Lenovo G50-80

I’m sure you remember your first experience handling a laptop. Well, some of us had more interesting experiences than others. Mine was an interesting one. A few years back when I joined college to pursue a degree in computer technology, I wasn’t really conversant with computers. I had been an introvert all my life. Most of my time was spent reading novels, I specifically loved comic books. Joining college seemed fun but the thought of crossing paths with thousands of people on a daily basis was scary. It was not something I looked forward to. But I had qualified for the right course, computer Technology, what I liked to call the home of all nerds.

I did not have a laptop in the first semester, I was too paranoid that I could lose it. So, I preferred to go for a fishing expedition of the campus and the environment first. Later that semester I needed a laptop. But I could not travel home to buy one, for various reasons best known to me. I had to wait until the end of the semester to acquire one. The following semester, however, was a different case. It was better in every aspect. I had a laptop, my cherished Lenovo G50-80, and nothing mattered to me more than this piece of electronic. There are more capable devices affordable for a typical college student but none matched my Lenovo G50-80.


I generally love writing, whether I’m writing code or articles, it’s not something I can stop doing. The Lenovo G50-80 might not be the ideal machine for big-fish coders and writers but I just loved it, my simple mini-beast. With a 4GB RAM and a 2.16 GHz Processor, it wasn’t much. But, that was all I needed to get my career in software development started. It was not much but it would get me on my feet and help me build my empire.

But no kidding, if there’s something I love most about the Lenovo G50-80 is the keyboard. Typing speed is a job requirement in my one of work. Therefore, I needed a keyboard I could easily adapt to. And, one that could easily adapt to my need for Speed. And I promise you the Lenovo G50-80 keyboard is my personal favorite. Even after upgrading my lab and buying more advanced ‘toys’, I still retained my Lenovo G50-80. For what you ask, for emergencies or when I need to type fast for fun. Or to claim my bragging rights, as the all-time tech and computer guru.

If I find one of these sweet babies in store, I’m not going to hesitate to buy one for my kid, who has learned to look at my computers admiringly before he can even say, Daddy. Check out my other articles on Tech and Gadgets here.


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