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Please Stay at Home I beg of you.

“Stay at home!” Well, this is the message everyone is spreading. Some of us still don’t understand why we are being asked or forced to stay home. Don’t worry, I’m here to explain the reasons to you step by step.

Before we get engaged, let’s watch a video that was trending yesterday, on Wednesday 25th March, in Kenya.

Do you see anything wrong? Probably not, right? *The pole, located in a street in Mombasa Kenya, was later cut down.*

Here are some facts about the video and the reason everyone is telling you to stay at home. But before that, coronavirus is not airborne. What this means is that you have to be in contact with an infected person. The cells have to be transmitted from one person to another. For this reason, we are being advised to refrain from shaking hands with anyone and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

About the video

Now back to the video; the people in the video are not shaking hands, right? But they are all in contact with the same surface, the steel pole. Here is what happens, the coronavirus cells attach themselves to the surface of the pole and await people to get in contact with the surface. That’s how the virus is spreading. Everyone who touches this pole does so because they want to support themselves. Truth be told, I’d do the same thing when placed in the same position or rather situation. It’s more of a reflex rather than something one does with much thought.

God forbid, but if one person accidentally had the coronavirus and came in contact with this pole, everyone else who touched that pole has a very high chance of contracting the virus. I don’t blame anyone who touches that pole. Anyone would do that, most people do that. I would that. Most probably you would too, right?

The question is, how do you avoid exposing yourself? And the answer is simple, Stay at Home. I know it might be boring but you will be protecting yourself from contracting the virus and spreading it to your family and friends. That must definitely mean something to you.


Let’s face it, we love our family and we wouldn’t want to place them in any harm’s way. I love meeting with the boys but now I’m with my family. I would selflessly do anything to protect and so I choose to stay at home. So should you. There are a number of things you can do with your family to strengthen your bond and grow. Kindly check out this article to get ideas on how to exist peacefully with your family during this trying times. I have scheduled activities throughout the day to keep me at home with my family with my sanity intact, of course 😅😅. Here’s my simple advice. Stay at home, Be safe.

See you on the other side.

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