The betrayal continues…

Just like her passion for the player, the roses he had brought were short-lived. She sat there motionless and watched each petal turn pale. She assumed the same position till darkness crept in and mosquitoes began flocking in. They buzzed around her creating a rhythmic melody that haunted her as each strain echoed “betrayer”. She could taste a bitter taste in her mouth as she thought of the damage she had caused in her life. What had she done? What would he do next?

It’s part of the plan.

All this time the military man stood there watching the lifeless body of the miscreant who had taken advantage of his noble wife. It felt different than he had expected if he expected it at all. He didn’t feel any better. There was no satisfaction, instead, he felt empty. Was he guilty? He walked back to his desk, returned the short-gun in the drawer, and keyed in the locking combination. He picks up the phone and calls the police. By this time, the room was dark but he could still make out where his wife sat, clenching her hands around her knees. What did she feel, pain, loss, regret, guilty?

He could tell that she was cold because she constantly let out a mild sneeze followed by a cough. He walks to her and places his blazer on her shoulders. She did not move a muscle. How could she? She felt guilty for betraying him but what was done had been done. She looked up to him and he smiled at her as he slowly pressed the blazer to make her warmer. How was he doing it? She had betrayed him, a man was dead in their study room yet he was composed liked nothing had happened. He helps her to her feet and escorts her to their master bedroom.

Encounter with the law.

By this time, the police sirens were audible so he walks out to meet them. Halfway down the corridor, he stops by the door of the study and takes a peek. The dead man lay there selfless but he didn’t flinch, presumably, he had seen worse in his time at the navy. He continues to let the police in and steps aside for them to carry the lifeless miscreant out. News had spread and his superiors at the navy had joined in, each asking for an explanation and offering him a naval trial (court-martial). Usually, any typical man would have swiftly grabbed the offer yet he didn’t. Probably he had a plan, one that he confidently stood by. Later in the night in the company of his wife he’s whisked away to the local police station to record a statement.

“I met him at my house, he attacked me and I shot him in self-defense”, he stated. “He was at our house, they had a misunderstanding with my husband, struggled and he shot him”, his wife confirmed. Later that night, they walked out of the police station side by side and head home to wait for the court appearance. Due to his credibility in society as a highly ranked naval officer and a nobleman, the people stand by him. His story is shared on social media and people side with him, but no one knew or bothered to acknowledge the facts of what had happened that evening.

Social justice outcry.

Social media went haywire with hashtags such as betrayal in the suburbs and let the soldier go trending and making headlines on Twitter. He stays at home maintaining occasional visits to the grocery store in the company of his wife. His arm around her waist, he leads her through different stores. The masses detested her and they were not afraid of showing it. NOting this, he nobly leads her to the car to escape the negativity in the air and takes her home.

Later that week he attended the court proceedings dressed in full naval regalia. He looks sharp and he needs the sharpness to win the case. Social media continues to share hashtags one after another. We know that social media sells goods but can it influence a verdict and win a case in court?


In court, he rejected legal representation by a lawyer and offered to confirm his statement as his representative and sole witness. This catches everyone by surprise, and he had them exactly where he wants them. He repeats his statement and rests his case. The prosecution of typically still in shock asks him to return to his seat and calls their witnesses one after the other his wife included. Taking advantage of the emotional nature of the case and abiding by the ethical appeals of the court, the prosecution challenges the wife into a contradiction of her original statement. Guilty for betraying her husband yet again she breaks down as everyone looks down upon her. The military man requests the court’s permission to offer a handkerchief to his wife who is a mess of both guilt and shame. You can hear the ladies in the courtroom squirm.

That afternoon, the persecution called him to the stand where he confirmed his story amid controversial arguments. The judge passed on the case to the jury to make the innocent or guilty verdict and the court was adjourned to a later date. They all rose as the judge, jury, and clerks left the courtroom.

Stay tuned for part three.

I hope that you read part one of Betrayal in the suburbs. If not, read it here, it’s preliminary to this part.

What do you think the verdict will be? What should happen to her for betraying him? Should he forgive her? How should betrayal be repaid? Is betrayal a crime? Should she be arrested too? Should he be charged or set free? Share your thoughts below.

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