Shukrani, to all the medical staff in the frontline of the war against the coronavirus. Shukrani – meaning.

A little Gratitude.

Have you ever said, “Thank You” or “Shukrani” after your doctor or nurse attended to you? If so, how many times?

Personally, I have done it maybe once or twice in my entire life. In most cases, it never even crosses our minds to say thank you normally. But come to think of it, this medical personnel really do a lot for us. They sacrifice a lot for us also. Some of us may think that they signed up for that but every compassionate thinker will acknowledge what they do for us because they have a choice not to.

I was inspired by a nurse who had to leave her 16 months old baby girl to fulfill her duty. (I’m not allowed to share her post here). This is really hard and any mum or dad will confirm this to you anytime. But the thought that she left her baby to attend to her patients is really inspiring. I mean, the risks she’s exposing herself to, yet she unhung the boots and got in there willingly requires a lot of strength. She pointed out that she might not come back if she contacted the virus and this was really heartbreaking. My prayers go out to you and Shukrani.

How we can help.

There is so many medical staff who have sacrificed their family and jumped in the frontline for the sake of their patients. We can help them by being safe to reduce the spread of the virus. And it’s very simple and achievable if we willingly adhere to the guidelines we’ve been provided with.

  • Stay at home.

By staying at home we will be preventing the spread of the virus. We will be helping in the containment of the virus because no new patients will be admitted. Most importantly, we will not be putting our family members at risk. Look at it this way, if you contract the virus and return home, you will be endangering the lives of your family members. This means that the medical staff will have less workload. As a result, we will be a step closer to winning this war against the war. This is one way of telling our esteemed medical staff, “Shukrani”.

  • Maintain Social Distancing

Some people in sensitive industries need to constantly head out. You can also help in fighting the fight by upholding social distancing guidelines. Make sure there is a distance of at least 2 meters between you and the person closest to you. Here is a recommended read from the CDC about social distancing.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap will get rid of the virus’s cells incase you had contact with the cells. Using soap and water has been proven to a more effective way of helping combat the virus compared to using alcohol-based sanitizers. Check out my previous article on combating coronavirus with soap and water.

Shukrani Doctors, Nurses, and all medical staff.

We apologize if we haven’t been grateful to you for your selfless sacrifices. Thank you for sacrificing your comfort and taking care of our society. We are grateful even if we forget to say it each and every time we interact. We pray that God may protect you so that eventually we can all be united with our families.

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