Working from home is not as easy as mot presume it to be. Most freelancers who work from home can attest that the hustle, after getting a reliable clientele, is concentrating and optimizing your productivity. This is the reason why most of them have offices a few blocks from their house where they go to work.

Don’t get me wrong, working from home is achievable and most people get the most out of it. However, it requires a great deal of discipline, commitment, and adherence to the best working from home practices. Before I took my current job where I have to check in to the office on a daily basis, I was working from home and it worked for three years. I will share some of the practices I found to be very effective in enhancing my productivity.

Now that most nations have declared lockdowns to help contain the global pandemic, these practices will help you maximize your output as you work from home.

Working Space – Office Space.

A perfect workspace is mandatory. If you plan to achieve the most out of working from home, you need to have a working space that allows you to tap into your professional aspects. It will not work so well if you work from the bed. Sorry if I stepped on your toes, it wasn’t intentional. I would recommend having a nice desk and a comfortable chair in a well-lit part of your house.

A simple working space such as the one displayed above will help you remain focused through the day or night. It is recommended that you have one.

Set working hours and create a schedule.

Setting working hours is a good practice to help you plan your day. Before setting working hours, it is very important to know when you’re most productive. Some people work best at night, others in the morning and others in the afternoon. Knowing when your most productive will help you create a working schedule that maximizes your productivity.

Having a schedule has very many benefits. Creating a schedule is dependent on having the goals you wish to accomplish throughout the day. This will definitely result in success if you respect your working hours and adhere to the schedule.

Get rid of distractions

When working from home, you are prone to get distracted. However, most of these distractions can be avoided. Switch off the TV, keep your phone away and mute notifications apart from what you deem important. Schedule breaks i.e. lunch breaks, snack breaks e.t.c to avoid unnecessary movement that may reduce your productivity.

Dressing appropriately will also help you be focused on your endeavors. Dressing in clothes that make you uncomfortable will distract you from being productive. If you’re dressed confidently, you will be confident in all your endeavors.

If you live with your siblings, notify them when you begin working. This will prevent them from checking in randomly and distracting you from completing the defined tasks in your calendar. It will also help you maximize your productivity.

Working from home routine

Create a routine that you will look forward to every day. While working from home, you are your manager. Utilize this privilege by creating a working routine that suits you. If you don’t have ideas on how your routine should look like, I highly advise you to check some samples from Pinterest. Visit Pinterest and search for “working from home routines”. There are so many ideas there I believe you will have a few that capture your attention.

Adhering to these practices worked for me during my years of fulltime freelancing and they are working for me at the moment. What are your working from home practices and how do they suit you? Drop your views in the comment sections or share your views on twitter. Also, check out our previous posts here.