Digital Marketing.

The phrase digital marketing has become very common and we are hearing or seeing it a lot more so on social media. But, how many people who constantly refer to the term understand what it entails? I went on a random fishing expedition where I used twitter as the main base for my research.

I noted that most profiles have the title digital marketer, digital marketing specialist, digital marketing strategist, and digital marketing consultant, etc. Shockingly, the content they share on their timeline made me question their certification.

Did I step on your toes?

Don’t take this the wrong way, I understand that different people use social media differently. I also know that every digital marketer practices what they have learned on their platform as a way of marketing themselves and the brands they represent. This is, however, not the case with most accounts with the phrase digital marketing listed in their bio.

My understanding of digital marketing is engaging in activities that promote a brand or business and its products online. In simple terms, it’s engaging in most if not all marketing activities but doing it on the internet.

Digital Marketing overview.

I also tend to think that there is more to online marketing than just promoting products or services offered by an entity. The primary objective of diversifying marketing to the online environment is to tap into the broad reach. To make this endeavor effective, various aspects outlined in this article need to be synchronized to ensure that the overall organizational objective is achieved.

How does it complement physical marketing?

Similar to physical marketing, online marketing is focused on ensuring that a business maximizes its profits.

To achieve this, there is an urgent need to strategize. A brand’s success depends on the strategies it has put in place to guide its operations. On this note, the internet had proven to a very effective marketing platform. Digital media has become the new ‘gold’ among most businesses that exist online.

Digital media.

Digital Media is any media created, reviewed, shared and stored on/across the internet. Similar to print media that were used traditionally such as newspaper or magazine product adverts, digital media are used to share information and create brand awareness across electronic devices. Achieving the most out of digital media, strategies on how best to position the media are critical.

What business owners need to know.

From my viewpoint, digital marketing depends on the following aspects:

Strategizing and planning.

Having a plan makes all the difference. Only businesses that have plans succeed. So, define your goals and what you aim to achieve through digital marketing before you invest in it.

Social media marketing and management.

Having a social media presence is not enough. Your brand needs an active and highly responsive social media presence. If you are having trouble creating strategies and maintaining an active social media presence I know a very capable team you can collaborate with, check them out.

Influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has become very popular these days. Most brands are hiring active and reputable social media users to promote their products online for various reasons. To learn more about this, I will create a detailed post about influencer marketing so stay tuned.

Content marketing strategies.

“Content is King” ~ Bill Gates. Creating high-quality content that compels your readers is the most effective way of creating an army of readers and prospective customers behind your brand. Through the content you share, you establish trust and create a network around you. As the old saying goes, Your Network is Your Net Worth.

Website design and development.

Online presence is dependent on having a beautiful website where your customers can learn more about you or even makes purchases depending on your business. A responsive website is therefore very important.

Graphic design.

Various case studies have shown that people are more attracted to graphical content compared to textual content. With this in mind, creating graphics that showcase products or services is a more effective way of marketing your business.

Search engine optimization and marketing.

Search Engine Optimization simply means the evaluation of whether your website is visible and highly ranked on search engine results. SEO helps by making it easy for your customers to locate your business online. It is critical to make sure that your website, social media and other online profiles are easy to locate by using keywords.

Review of Analytics.

It’s a very important aspect of every digital marketing endeavor. This helps you make informed projections to increase engagements on your interactive platforms. Reviewing your analytics also helps you measure your success online.

Let’s wrap it up

Digital marketing, therefore, is a set of activities all aiming to promote a brand or its products and services across the internet. The intention is to create awareness, drive leads, convert leads to sales and maximize the return on investment.

Next, we will try to understand why your business needs digital marketing services so stay tuned.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.