In the current world where almost everything is propelled through the internet, every business requires an online presence. By online presence, I mean having a website and a very active social media presence. Having a website is a one-time process. However, social media is different because it requires frequent updates, maybe a few times each day.

Most businesses are responding to the changing business environment by hiring a social media guru to handle their social media accounts. From a social media marketer’s end, it’s a very luxurious job considering the fact that you are paid to be on social media. But the question most people ask is, how do I become a good S.M. marketer? Read on to find the answers.

Social Media User.

A good social media marketer is a user who has an influence on the different platforms. By influence, I don’t mean having thousands of followers. Well, it’s an added advantage but I mean having a loyal following of individuals you share a common interest. You need to be very active by frequently engaging in meaningful conversations with people online. You need to be able to build a network around a brand. What better way to market your brand and show your capabilities than through your personal account.

Social Networking.

You need to be able to start and hold conversations with people online. The overlooked aspect of social media marketing is that it is dependent on creating a network. My favorite quote comes in here, “your network shows your net worth”. How wealthy are you gauging from your connections online? We have all seen people’s lives change because of social media. The key to having a wealthy network is by building trust. As long as people trust you, they will constantly engage with you and that’s how your network will grow. I will share a comprehensive article on how to build a wealthy social network so stay tuned.

Marketing Fundamentals.

You have an active social media presence and you can create wealthy networks, you’re more than halfway there. Next, you need to know a few fundamentals of marketing. marketing is all about influencing the decisions of people while they make purchases. merging the following marketing fundamentals with the two skills above will make you an exemplary S.M. Marketer.

Customer Emotions.

Understanding that customers are also human being is key. We all love something be it a product or service from a brand. Understanding why people prefer other brands will help you market your brand. The key to making a sale is appealing to the emotions of your buyers. A buyer is likely to buy a mattress because the seller promises a good night’s sleep. Find a relevant emotional angle to every product or service and share that information online. That’s how S.M marketers convert their audience to potential buyers.

Customer Preference😍.

A good marketer understands what the buyer wants and delivers it to them. Social media is a platform where people share their needs. Pay attention to what people want and help them get it. Focusing on selling products or services will not get the job done. Helping a person get something they need will establish trust between you. This will be an investment in your network’s wealth and eventually that investment will cash in.

Don’t be boring.

Most people are on social media to learn, share and laugh while they’re at it. The meme industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Creating and sharing jokes that people in your niche can relate to will help strengthen your connection. Learn to loosen up and share a joke or two every once in a while.

Spice it up 😁

We are all human.

Ultimately, we are all humans whether we are buying or selling. Appealing to the human element such as being kind, sincere, and helpful in creating friends offline. The online platform is no exception so treat every account as a person with emotions and feelings. Be compassionate and helpful. The world, especially on social media, needs compassion more than anything.

I hope you learned a thing or two from this read 😊. If you did, don’t be far because we’ll be sharing more of such content in our How-To section. What do you want to learn? Share in the comments section below or on our Facebook or Twitter DM and we promise to find an expert to educate you.

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