Most companies pay for search engine optimization to make their website easily visible on the web. However, small companies struggle with their optimization because they lack funding. The question remains, are there ways to improve your visibility online without spending money? Well, technically there is and I will be sharing some tips with you in this article.

Define Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as S.E.O is technically making your website easily visible on the search engine. This is achievable by engaging in activities that improve your ranking on the search results. While most entities pay thousands of dollars to enhance their visibility online, there are few ways to enhance your visibility at no cost.

Why S.E.O is important.

Generally, most people are not patient in real life. This is the same case for online users. Typically, when searching for something on the web, you trust the results that are displayed first. Search Engine Optimization determines whether your website will be displayed first, middle or last in the search results. Being displayed first means that your website will have high traffic. If you’re selling, this implies that you are likely to have more sales. If you’re a service delivering business, it implies your business will have an increased number of prospective clients storming your website and even establishing contact. And in the case of blogs, you will have more readers.

S.E.O at no cost – practices.

You need to understand how S.E.O works, technically, so that you can meet the requirements for high ranking. With this in mind, here are some very effective tips on how you can improve the S.E.O of your website for free.

Keyword optimization

S.E.O depends on the keywords you place on your website. You need to understand the keywords associated with your business and use them effectively. For instance, if you have a veterinary website you can use keywords such as animal health in the content of your website. However, you need to be careful not to use many keywords in your content to prevent making the content irrelevant. Using more than the recommended number of keywords will reduce the quality of your content making it look like spam.

High-quality content.

To be ranked higher on the search engine, you need to have high-quality content. The credibility of information being shared is key in this case. What is the goal of your website? Does the information relate to your website and the content you are sharing? Is the information you are sharing on your website factual? Can you justify what you are stating? Can you provide a source of your information? if you can answer this question, then you can create high-quality content.

Social media

Most people do not know this but social media helps enhance your ranking on Search Engine results. It is actually very effective. Here is a step-by-step guide.

The first step is to create corporate or professional social media profiles (I will share guidelines on how to create corporate or professional social media profiles so stay tuned) and define hashtags for your business. For instance, our earlier choice of a veterinary website can use two hashtags such as #Sam’sVeterinary and #animalhealth. The second step is to post frequently using these hashtags. This works mostly on Twitter and Instagram where hashtags are most effective.

Perhaps you’re wondering how will this help? When a web user searches for sam’s veterinary clinic, your social media will likely pop up among the top results. This will lead the user to your social media profiles where they can contact you directly and from your profile to your website where they can request a quote or learn more about your business.

How to do S.E.O at no cost.

Following the strategies explained above will help you achieve a higher ranking on the Search Engine at no cost at all. You do not need money to do this but you may require a few tools. Here are some of the tools that I use every day in my content creation endeavors.

Grammarly – will help you check your content for grammatical quality.

Yoast S.E.O – will help you verify the S.E.O quality of your content and Keywords optimization.

I hope you have learned a thing or two from this read. Let’s optimize.