Trolls have become very common on social media. What people don’t realize is that what they considered as jokes are actually hurting people. Typing something mean and hitting the post or tweet button is not a small deal as people perceive it to be. People are actually hurting out there because of being trolled.

I love being on social media. Well, it’s a requirement for a digital marketing consultant to remain relevant. This means that I need to be up-to-date with the current trends on the internet and social media is no exception. But I have made a few observations while surfing and scrolling down my newsfeed.


There is a lot of negativity for sure. People are so resentful and this has been a persistent trend for a while now. Whether you share something good or bad, a percentage of the comments will be hateful. Maybe I’m overstepping a little bit but let’s face it. The like button, share button, and comment section are optional to click. Please avoid using these if you only mean hurting someone with resentment.

The truth is, there is a culture where people become popular on social media after being mean to their peers. But it doesn’t have to be like this. People are hurting out here, they are bleeding because of these trolls. I know that social media is a place where most people go to interact and have social conversations but we have to be mindful of what we share.


Many people have shared their experiences with these trolls. Normally, what happens is that they trend again with everyone apologizing. But, the damage is done and no amount of apologizing will help in the healing process. Some people never heal from these trolls and some are hurt so badly that they quit their careers or attempt suicide.

Mental health is not just about avoiding depression or being insane as most people perceive it to be. To some extent, it also entails one personality. What does negative criticism do to your esteem? These comments in the snapshot above are simple but they have the ability to shatter one’s esteem. However simple it may seem this person may never fully recover from this. His life might never be the same again because of that simple comment.


Well, social media is not going to change. Like the KOT loyal tweeps always say, “the streets ain’t safe”. My advice would be, keep your head down if you can pull it off. Try to avoid conversations that might affect you negatively.

Try growing thick skin. Well, if you let negative criticism get to your head, avoid engaging too much on social media. There are different types of people and social media. Some are kind while others are quite the opposite. Know the people you wanna associate yourself with before building a network around you. You don’t need negativity in your life so you shouldn’t settle for the same on social media.

How to avoid Trolls.

Practically, avoiding trolls is close to impossible. But you can have a healthy social media presence by having a positive following around you or your brand. My advice would be, you either maintain a low profile or grow thick skin. either of the two is a perfect solution. Yout mental health matters. Don’t engage in any activity that jeopardizes your mental health.

Cyberbullying has been there for decades and it will continue to be there. Focus on protecting your mind, your body, and your personality. It is not easy and it will never get easy. Suck it up and get through it.