Becoming a dad is the real deal. I mean, I have had a few stressful roles in life but this is the most interesting one. It’s the most educational of them all, too. Well, you will never be fully ready for the role so don’t start looking for a tutorial on how to be a good dad. It’s something that kicks in like adrenaline when you’re in trouble.

Dads don’t acknowledge this fact a lot but, they love their kids a lot. Maybe too much to admit it. I think a parent’s love is the most accurate version of love at first sight. The moment you become a Dad, everything changes. You selflessly love your son or daughter and this feeling never ends. Instead, it grows stronger day after day.

In my arms.

I learned this from experience. I became so fond of my son that I never paid heed to some warnings not to rest him in my arms for so long. Well, one fact most parents will tell you is that once your child gets used to being in your arms, they dread being anywhere else. Since I first held him in my arms I never wanted to put him down. Whether he was awake or asleep, I’d rather he slept in my arms until my muscles were stiff. Little did I know that this would make my professional life a little bit challenging later.

My son, Jnr, developed a habit of falling asleep in my arms. It was so adorable until it wasn’t anymore. Every night, he would cry to get my attention, which he always did. And half an hour in my arms he would slowly slide to the dreamland. He looked so peaceful and cute that even then I would not take him to his crib. I’d hold him for another hour or so until his mum literary forced him off my arms.

Just a few more minutes.

This night he cried so hard and it pains me when he does that. So I took him out of his crib and carried him to my workstation. Well, I was working and I was on a clock so I couldn’t just sit and ask him rhetorical questions like I always did. So we just sat there in silence, as I struggled to type with my free hand. Luckily it was a short task which I did in a few minutes and jumped on to Netflix. It was then I realized that Jnr was still staring at me with what I read to be a sheepish smile. I’m not sure he can smile at 5 weeks but I think he was doing it. A few minutes and he was asleep already.

Staring at him, he looks so innocent and peaceful. His mum comes to get him but I can’t let him go. All I manage to say is, “Just a few more minutes, Love”.