I don’t know which part scares me the most, the fact that she died or that she…

Wow! For a second there, I freaked myself out. So, before we start I should probably set some things straight. Number one. This is not a story about me. I mean who writes stories about themselves? On a completely different subject, who knows what the word selfish means? Look it up on Wikipedia, you’ll get those long definitions that’ll make you feel really smart. Bad news: Hey smart guy, how comes you relied on autocorrect to spell selfish correctly? Now, where was I? Oh yeah, setting things straight. Number two. Wait, number two is not that important, will get to it in a moment.

Questions on your mind:

Is this a really evil plan to make you continue reading? Yes. Yes, it is.

Do I think I’m a bad person? Noooo. For the record, I’m the nicest person I’ve met in my life.

Oh my!!! The story continues…

So, have you ever had a connection with another human being? I’m not talking about the ones where you miss someone till you wanna cry. No mate. I’m talking about the ones in fairy tales. Where you gamble not with your happiness, but with your life. The ones where waking up doesn’t make sense if that someone is not beside you. You entrust someone else with your life, knowing exactly how dangerous it can get. Giggling in the darkness because a random thought hit you and you saw their face in your mind. Kindly note that swallowing mosquitoes is not good for your health. Please close your mouth and sleep, you’ll giggle all you want in the morning. The person you wanna get ice-cream with, even though you are fully aware that pneumonia can kill you. The connection that changes. You reach a point and you try to look back but you can’t see where you started because your brain has actually started to believe that love is blind. Yeah, you know them. Where you guys even make plans for the future…

Number two. The word that makes me happy is unscrupulous.

A) Hey there handsome, I’m unscrupulous. And you are?

B) Mademoiselle, you look unscrupulous in that dress.

(These lines will land you the partner of your dreams. I am not to be held accountable for the results.)

…yeah, you even go a mile further and draw your dream home. You guys make the perfect couple. You introduce your partner to your friends and they do the same. Except that now, your partner’s friends are cooler than your friends, and you are afraid they’ll dump you. I’ve got good news. They won’t dump you because of their friends, they’ll do it because of your face, because you look like a… I’ve got children to feed, I won’t lose my job just because you can’t afford a mirror. Our perfect couple, you and your partner. Yes, you.  even chose names for your kids. You love each other so much.

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These types of connections…WAAAAAAT!!! Look at the time. Hey, I really want to continue but my mother is about to come home from work and I have not yet done the dishes or as we call them on this side of the country ‘Utensils’. I just remembered, do rich people still use the word cutlery?  Pass the cutlery. I really miss my ex. If only I was better looking. Anyways see you later…