What if coronavirus is an opportunity to better our society? Let’s think about it.


Coronavirus is a tragedy today, a very sad tragedy. Maybe there is no positive side to the tragedy but there are lessons we need to learn. The virus has identified our society’s vulnerabilities and exploited them. We have been brought to our knees by this pandemic. But, are we learning anything from the pandemic? Better question, should we learn something from the tragedy?

Leadership and Governance.

Different nations have had different ways of dealing with the pandemic. However, only nations that have strategic thinkers as their leaders have managed to contain the virus. By containment, I mean strategic governance such as authorizing lockdowns. Are there ways we could have prepared for such occurrences?

Hmmm. We could have been ready for such tragedies but we are not. However, we can learn from this and make better choices by putting visionaries in office. We have seen how our leaders have responded. Some have frozen while others have been quick to respond. Some have fulfilled their promises to the people while others have failed their oaths.

Our Society.

We might have failed ourselves as a society because we may have not taken warnings seriously and that may have caused the spread of the virus. We may not be to blame but we are definitely responsible. However, we are past the blame game phase already. At this point, we take the bull by its horns. We face the problem together because we might have watched it get out of hand together. We protect or society together.

There is no cure for coronavirus, yet, but some of the world’s greatest scientists are working on it. Until they do, it is our responsibility to make sure we recent any further spread of the virus. It’s achievable. When we protect ourselves and avoid any risky behavior that may make us susceptible to contracting the virus. This way, we will have a safe society. It is a tragedy alright, but coronavirus is also an opportunity to better our society.

Coronavirus as an opportunity to better our society

We are all hurting but we can use this as a lesson to rid our society of the chaff. In so many ways, coronavirus is an opportunity for us to make immense and make our society better.

We have an opportunity to vote in better leaders, visionaries who will put the needs of the general population first. It is not impossible. We just have to put aside our differences, embrace our different cultures and perceive ourselves and our neighbors as equal members of our community. Love and compassion are the cure need for our society.

We have an opportunity to get better governance. This is an opportunity that we should put measures in place to help us defeat any pandemic. We should identify our vulnerabilities. Then we should find ways to strengthen our society. We might not rid ourselves of vulnerabilities but we can improve our strengths. Put in place infrastructure to help make our community a better place.

This is that point we all need to be innovative. The betterment of our community depends on innovation because we need to do things abnormally to win over this tragedy.

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