I have been think of this villain strategy for a while. Normally, a dad is every child’s superhero but I’m planning to change the plot for our little man’s story. If you’re wondering how becoming a dad and being the villain cross paths, read to the end. I suggest you grab an energy drink and enjoy this short read.

Becoming a dad is fun, as you can note if you have been following my Becoming a Dad series. But there might be a chance of spoiling our little man if I don’t act fast. By acting fast I mean, I should work on my disciplining side of the dad figure.

Our little man and I are becoming really fond of each other. There are some things he can only do while in my company that he cannot dare do while with his mum. He’s almost two months and I know, you’re probably thinking he’s too young. Child psychology shows that babies know who, between mum and dad, is the tough one at a very young age.

So I’m obviously the lenient one and that is not how I pictured this role. As much as I want to be the cool dad, I also want to raise a responsible man. As a result, I have been thinking of how I will be disciplining our little man.

Villain Strategy.

By villain, I don’t mean mastery of evil and malicious tactics. I mean being the bad cop when situations need that side of me. Well, I already have a few belts in my closet to discipline him when need be. Though I don’t see any possible outcome where I have to actually cane our little man as the cool dad so I need something to hide that side of me. I need to get a mask to conceal my identity. I’m thinking of something that makes me look like batman. Well, batman is one superhero who can act as the villain in this case because he’s not as charismatic as the other superheroes. As I like to say, he’s not fun. Wait, does this mean that I also have to create Gotham our my home?

I hope it never gets there but if I have to use the rod to avoid spoiling the child, I guess there is no escaping it. I just don’t want to ever make our little man afraid of me. So I guess I have a few more months to make my villain strategy foolproof.

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