How do you overcome creative blocks during this lockdown period?

I love writing and by this I mean, a lot. More than half of the days I’m either writing content for social media or curating content for different blog websites I contribute to.

But lately, I have been facing many problems. Most of these problems have been caused by the lockdown that is preventing us from moving around as we please. My main problem is the creative blocks. Normally, I could overcome creative blocks by moving my workstation to the park or to the public library. I’m a freelancer so I mostly work from my living room. But now I cannot move around my neighborhood as I please mainly because I’m afraid of contracting coronavirus.

After staying at home for two weeks I learned a few ways of overcoming creative blocks during this lockdown period.

Listen to Music.

I love listening to music. Listening to soft rock and acoustic music is one thing I find very soothing. I learned that creative blocks are mainly as a result of exhaustion. Therefore, I listen to soothing acoustic music to relax my mind. This works for me because the restoration of my creativity happens a few minutes after tuning into this music.


Being a content creator can be overwhelming at times. Most of us don’t like admitting that we work too much and deprive our brains of the recommended rest. 70% of the time you experience creative blocks is because your mind is exhausted. These times your mind is requesting a break. The best way to overcome such creative blocks is taking a nap.

I learned that taking a nap in the next room regenerated my creativity. So, if you are experiencing creative blocks and you haven’t slept enough, take a break and sleep for a few hours. You have earned it or rather, you deserve it. Moreover, you will be well-rested and ready to continue grinding when you wake up.


Our options are limited, now that we are confined to our houses or our gated community for some. That does not mean that we should reduce our productivity. Business must go on, or rather reggae must go on. Well, it’s not business as usual, but we need to do our best. These tips will help you overcome creative blocks during this lockdown. However, check out my previous comprehensive article on how to overcome creative blocks.

Don’t forget to share this post. We shall overcome COVID-19 so hang in there.