Sharing is learning. Engaging in #MTtalk has taught me so much about leadership more so organizational leadership. So much that I couldn’t resist writing about it. So let’s get caught up, now shall we?

Leadership vs Authority.

Leadership is not authority and most people tend to forget this. A good leader influences people to do what is right through their actions. On the other hand, a person in authority has the power to command people to abide by the set rules. However, true leaders influence people to follow them at their own will.

To be a leader, you do not need to be in charge. All you need is to have a positive mindset and inspire people to follow in your footsteps.

Motivation to lead.

Organizational leadership depends on motivation to do what’s right by the organization. The question remains, what motivates leaders?

Leadership is motivated by passion and the urge to do what is right by the organization. A good leader never stands and watch things go wrong. Instead, they try to help things move in the right direction by influencing other people to do what is right.

People and leadership

Some peoples are inclined to lead more than others. People who embrace the organization’s mission and vision are more likely to lead. They do not wait around to watch people who command authority or use their power wrongly.

Leaders don’t care about being in the spotlight. Instead, they are more concerned with serving people.

However, when you are not in charge it could be hard to lead. The main challenge is resistance from people in authority and those loyal to them. However, by being transparent and setting effective goals helps in building trust with people you lead or intend to lead.


The chat is very informative and this post was just to share some of the insight I got from interacting with like-minded individuals on the platform. Mind Tools is a community that I’d advise all people, more so those working in organizations to be part of. There is so much to learn.

I hope that you have learned something new from this post. If so, hang around for more because we have so much in store for you.