Our typical man-eat-man society saddens me. Why can’t we be content with what we have and share the available resources equally?

There will always be enough resources for our needs but not for our greed. It really pains me when I see people hurting, and others bleeding to the extremity of succumbing because of avoidable phenomena. Where are we heading as a society?

A few days ago, my neighbourhood lost a hero. A young man who had joined the service less than 2 years ago. He did not fulfil the promises he made to his parents. His mother is hurting in the village because her hope has been taken away. Yes, taken away because his death was something that could be avoided.

Floods swept him away in a faraway land. A land he visited not for pleasure but to abide by his oath. An oath he swore to the republic to serve the citizens and protect the weak. He was selfless yet he had so much to lose. He did not have a wife, so his name might be long forgotten by society in a few months or years.

We are all to blame.

Our society has “eaten” this young man, his name, and his legacy. His legacy, because people will forget him without someone to take up his name. Well, not the entire society but the few who are greedy and dishonest. The few who can’t resist greed, who take what they desire not minding the impact on other people.

We could have saved him if we all demanded the establishment of reservoirs in the midlands. Now rains are sweeping our houses and taking our children. They are taking our children, our hope not minding our feelings. Should we really hope for a better tomorrow?

We are living in typical man-eat-man society, and by the look that is not going to change any time soon. But, I’m not giving up, I will appeal to the humane element in every member of the society. Why are you watching us hurt? Are you enjoying watching us wriggle in pain? Check out this more detailed article here.

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