Maybe I should have told her that I love her.

I had seen her a few times on campus. The first time I saw her, we had crossed paths in one of the streets between the multi-purpose hall and the computer lab block. A typical nerd and a popular blondie on campus. That is how I describe us. We were definitely from different parts of this world and there was no way she could have noticed me. As for me, I had noticed her and it was love at first sight.

Later that week, our paths crossed again. This time she was sitting across from me in the cafeteria. I didn’t say anything because as I said, she was way out of my league. So, I ate my pilau and steamed cabbage then left like the coward I was. Again I was sure she did not notice me but nevertheless, I should have said something. What did I stand to lose, well apart from my dignity if she rejected me? I’m not sure I had any self-esteem to put on the line. I should have just told her that I love her.

The third time our paths crossed that week was different. different in the sense that she was way too close to me. She sat beside me on the bus from campus to our campus quarters. By this time, I should have been sure that she had noticed me but I was too naive. I just sat there staring straight ahead hoping that my heart wasn’t racing too loud. But who I’m I kidding, it was throbbing.

Lucky for me, fate was on my side that and it did the bidding for me. On the far end to the was one of the renowned campus man-hoes. I envied these guys because they always hang out with the prettiest ladies on campus. But that day wasn’t his lucky day, or rather luck had taken a different path.


All his pick-up lines hit the wall and for a reason, I have never understood my biggest crush was leaning on my shoulder. I don’t know if I’m stressing that point enough so let me add a picture of what happened.

Well, we were on a bus but my imagination took me to an island in Hawaii. I mean, if you have ever had a crush on someone, you will understand how I felt. She had leaned on me to force some hot guy away. I had my perfect chance and only a fool could waste such a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

This time I managed to say something. Did it end how I thought it would? Wait for the next episode. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for real-time updates on posts.