Dynamics of Academic Writing

Academic writing is a very lucrative source of income for a large number of youths in Kenya. Those who have their roots deep in the industry are living luxuriously thanks to the high pay associated with the venture. Most people who have interacted with academic writers have left with a strong will to be part of the industry. However, just like any other job, it is not a walk in the park. I have compiled the following dynamics of academic writing as a form of online entrepreneurship for you. Shall we?


Academic writing is a career just like any other. As a result, the writer’s professionalism is vital. Professional writers are conscious of their conduct in the industry. Academic writing is a form of freelancing which means that writers are their own bosses. Professional conduct determines their influence in the industry. In turn, it determines their chances of landing jobs. Professional writers know how to treat the venture with respect and utmost seriousness. Writers are in charge of acquiring, building, and managing a client base.

One of the most important aspects of professionalism is communication. Effective communication skills allow writers to express themselves while requesting the assignation of orders. They are also able to understand the requirements of their clients. This ensures that they submit what is high-quality papers. This is a crucial element in building a healthy working relationship with clients.

Professionalism also entails the relationship between writers. Writers have a wide network comprising of employers and employees. Professionalism determines the productivity of such relationships. Like every working environment, writers grow and graduate from employee to employer. The conduct of a writer as a professional greatly influences their growth in the industry. Professionalism in the academic writing industry also depends on understanding the following simplified dynamics of academic writing:

Content Quality.

Academic quality highly depends on the ability of the writer to create high-quality content. Most academic jobs have instructions and resources to help writers. However, the key to being proficient in the industry depends on the quality of work. The following aspects also help gauge the quality of academic papers.


Plagiarism is the evaluation of the originality of your work. It is one of the greatest violations in academic writing and the consequences are dire. Writers can, however, avoid plagiarism by crediting users of all sources they use. Most academic papers depend on research from reputable academic publications. This puts most writers at the crocodile’s mouth with plagiarism. Writers need to assimilate information from sources and use them to create original content. Writers who write papers based on insight from academic sources composed in their own words often write the best papers. I will create another article on the fundamentals of plagiarism and how to avoid it so stay tuned.

Instructions, Rubric, and Objectives.

One of the most important attachments in academic writing is the instructions document. Some instructors also attach rubrics to guide students in academic papers. A high-quality paper needs to follow the instructions given. It is recommended to base the paper on the rubric to ensure high-quality papers. Rubrics basically show the assessment criteria to help in writing high-quality papers. Finally, knowing the objectives of the class is very important. Some tasks fail to provide rubrics so assessment is based on the class objectives.


Discipline is a key requirement in this field. Unlike other fields where tasks are assigned and your progress is monitored, academic writers are driven by their discipline and commitment to the job. There are different aspects of discipline in this field as outlined below:

Time discipline.

Academic write-ups, like every task, have a deadline. A writer’s reputation not only depends on their ability to write high-quality papers but also on their ability to observe and manage time. Exceeding the deadline is a violation of rules and is subject to punishments, some of which are dire. Maximizing one’s earnings depends on their ability to manage their time effectively. Most writers will confirm that rush or urgent orders are the best because they pay the highest. As a result, the competence of a writer in terms of time management determines the assignation of these orders. With this in mind, every writer aspires to be competent by being an exemplary time manager.

Financial disciple.

Academic writing differs from organizational employment in that there exist peak and low seasons. During the low season, the number of orders reduces and most writers have very few tasks. In extreme conditions, only writers who focused on building their brand are assigned tasks. By building brands, I mean writers who grew in terms of competency, professionalism, and curating high-quality content among others. Income is low during this period and only writers with financial discipline get through with minimum friction.

Peak season, on the other hand, has more work and most writers are very busy during this period. Returns are also high during this period and all writers are happy. Writers who have been in the industry for a long have learned to practice financial discipline during the peak season. However, others fail to observe this important form of discipline. They end up not preparing for the low season when there are few tasks and less money. The consequences are unfavorable and those who depend on it will attest to facing hardships.

While this may seem to have a small impact on academic writing and may not be in the dynamics of academic writing. However, I believe that it helps in ensuring that healthy relationships persist. A financially content person is a peaceful person. Writers are no exception.


Is academic writing challenging? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. I take this opportunity to attempt to answer it.

Like any other job, academic writing is equally demanding. The fact is that most writers work from their designated working space of choice. This means that they are more susceptible to temptations curbed by enforced working hours. Working depends on a writer’s commitment and dedication. Every working environment has its dos and don’ts. Similarly, academic writing is no exception. To answer the question, every person’s experience with academic writing is different. It might be easy for me, maybe because I can probably write in my sleep, and be hard for you. The same way you can understand balance sheets in your sleep and I can’t. My point is, it is different for everybody. However, I believe that you can be an academic writer if you set your mind to it.

As I wrap it up I hope you learned something from this post about the dynamics of academic writing. Check out my other article on the changing dynamics of freelance academic writing. If you did, share it with a brother, sister, cousin, or friend. Also, follow us on social media Facebook, and Twitter for updates. Till next time, adios.

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