If you haven’t read Betrayal in the Suburbs: Part One [1] and Betrayal in the Suburbs: Part Two [2], kindly do, to connect the storyline.

The jury seemed to take forever in their chambers. The court hearing had been adjourned for three days to give the jury time to make a verdict. This case was unlike any other. It was shrouded in so much mystery, yet it seemed so straightforward as a typical betrayal in the suburbs. On the designated day, the military man graced the court with his presence. Noble from the very aspect of military statute, he had arrived just in time for the hearing, neither too early nor too late. Orderly, he walked towards the courthouse not minding the screams from the crowd. One arm was swinging gracefully on the right while the other was holding his dear wife closely on his left.


The tension was paying its toll in the courtroom as everyone sat silently thoughts racing. What would the verdict be? A few minutes in, the court rose as the Judge and jury strode in from their chambers. Once settled, everyone sat down and the constant fidgeting showed the gravity of the matter. The teams from outside the courthouse were now audible. The prosecutor paced seemingly confident but he couldn’t hide his nervousness from everyone. With the main aim of convincing the jury and the court in general to convict the military man, he gave what is presumed to be a lecture on ethics. He looked at the military man viciously, them to his wife with spite before walking back to his chamber.

The military man had nothing new to add. Upon requisition, he rose from his stand and gave a brief of his version of that night’s events. How he had found another man in his house who had attempted to harm him. He continued with the ideology of self-defense. At least that how he remembered it. This only took a few minutes and he was off, taking his seat at the dock. The jury requested a recess which was granted by the judge, no questions asked.

Drum rolls.

The calm before the storm was quite loud this time. People’s thoughts were screaming yet no one uttered a word. The jury had passed their decision to the judge and he didn’t help ease the tension in his courtroom. He stared at the paper in his hand in disbelief then looked at the courtroom. The thought of slapping the verdict out of the judge might have crossed some people’s minds lest they were held in contempt of court. The military man had left the dock. Now he sat beside his wife holding her hand in his, with an expressionless face. Whatever he was feeling, he was managing to hide very effectively. For him, this was no typical betrayal in the suburbs.

Finally, the judge’s eyes rested on the couple before he looked at the paper as if to confirm the verdict. He might have as well enjoyed the increased tension he was causing because it was escalating from zero to a hundred real quick.

“This court finds you innocent!” He finally burst out and there were screams from every corner. The judge hit the gavel that marked the end of the court proceedings. The military man managed a smile. His wife’s eyes were swollen with tears. The nature of tears, whether joy, pain, or regret remained, remained a mystery. They walked out of the courthouse hand in hand and headed home. Had he forgiven her? Did she live to smile again? Was a divorce to follow soon after? What was the military man thinking? Well, your guess might be as good as mine, his mind is a mysterious bag of cats.


They left the neighborhood not so long after, never to be seen again. This was no typical betrayal in the suburbs.

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