“You have come from so far to give up now”. This is what I whisper to myself every time the going gets tough. At times it gets really tough but this phrase keeps me going.

How many times have you thought of giving up? Very many. I know because I have been there. At times I actually gave up for a few days. But then it would hit me, I HAVE COME FROM SO FAR. The greatest poison is thinking that we have not achieved anything. This thought is so toxic that it nullifies every great achievement we have on our sleeves.

It might seem not enough but I can assure you, from experience that every person is a winner in their own unique way. A few months ago my fiancee and I were blessed with a son. Everything about that is described as unending bliss from all sides. But the few days before he was born were tough and I had to man up. I had a lot to learn and very few shoulders to lean on. But there was one thing I learned from the experience. Everyone that has lived long enough to be reading this message right now is a winner.

Visiting my fiancee and our little man in hospital for one week made me realize that we have so much to thank God and be grateful for. One brave lady lost her bundle of joy but she held herself together. She stayed strong and lived to fight another day despite having gone through the dreaded c-section mode of delivery.

Normally, I’m not a social guy. But life in this place humbled me and changed me a lot. Everyone seemed so strong. I was freaking out frequently and nagging everyone to attend to my patients. But by the third day, I learned to listen and observe more while I talked less. One thing I learned from the mothers is that they never gave up on their little ones. Everyone was trying so hard to live another day.

You have come from so far to give up now.

Now let’s come to you. Probably you have been through primary and secondary school. Maybe you have a degree or diploma. Why are giving up if you have endured the system for that long? The pain you have been experiencing is not physical, the scars you have are not visible. But they are all important in shaping you. You have from so far to give up now, so don’t. Take a break instead. if things are not working how you expect them to, take a step back and restrategize.

I’m not the most successful person, on the contrary, I fail a lot. But I like to think of myself as the person who never gives up. Every time I fail I try as much as possible to redefine my motivation and try again until I get it right. The small things in life keep me going. For instance, I will make sure I live long enough to tell our son how hectic yet blissful his birth was. I want to give him a reason not to quit because he did not quit when the odds were so low when he did not have a manifested immune system.


My point all along was, you have come from so far to give up now. Things don’t always turn out as you plan or as you think they will. All you do is hope for the best and accept the outcomes. Know when to step aside and survive to fight another day. It’s never easy, i.m not going to lie to you.

Today might be tough, expect tomorrow to be worse but if you hold on enough, the day after will be sunshine. Hold on, don’t give up. I hope you have learned something from this post. If you have, kindly follow our pages on social media for more updates. Till next time, adios.

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