Competition is responsible for some of the greatest innovations ever. From back in the days of schooling, the competition got us at the top of the table. And it was all good until we grew up and started facing the reality of life. Something happened a few days ago that got me thinking, maybe we are fighting right but for the wrong reasons. Grab some popcorn and let’s get right to it.

We all have goals. Mine is being happy and free. I’m sure you got one interesting goal and dream, probably better than mine. And that’s the point, we have different goals and dreams. There is a huge chance that helping other people achieve their dreams will not interfere with ours at all or that much. But we live in a world where most people are so focused on setting each other’s dreams on fire and watching them burn. But the fact is, the things we do to derail others end up derailing us too.

The rush in the current society is not to achieve our goals but to be better than others. Most people are working tirelessly but are they doing it for the right reasons? I had a very normal childhood and I’m sure some people can relate. I saw kids both at school and in our neighbourhood enjoy luxuries that I would only dream of. A few days ago, I saw kids showing off their toys from my balcony and that hit me with nostalgia. They were so happy and carefree. But then something strange happened and it got me thinking.


There were two kids with really cool bikes. One kid was learning to ride his bike and his counterpart kept knocking him down. He was loving the attention he was getting from the other kids and he probably didn’t want to split the attention. Before you Judge me for taking it up with these kids, read on to see where I’m going with this.

It’s okay to be jealous. Well, my Dad told me that, a few years ago. He said it was normal for all humans to be jealous. He also told me that what would make me different was the direction that jealousy steered me. Whether I chose to use that as my motivation to work hard and be better rather than focus on putting my opponents down.

A significant percentage of the population is focusing on putting each other down rather than existing harmoniously and focusing on working harder to be better. To the people in power, they get rid of their competition through any means possible. Often times in inhumane ways, just because they feel threatened. People are focusing on putting other people down because they can’t stand them succeeding. That’s jealousy, it’s normal, it’s right and it’s okay to feel it. But what happens after that is what matters.

There are people who work late at night and get up early. But for the wrong reasons. They work hard but to put others down. But why? They are fighting right but for the wrong reason.

That kid in my backyard should have focused on being a better rider. Learn more stunts and perfect them. Instead, he chose to derail his counterpart. He was not learning any new tweaks and tricks by doing that. Instead, he would remain to be a common rider. He had the attention from his hood alright, but he was just a king in his hood though he could be more. The kid he put down might have been his competition but he would also have pushed him to be better, to get out of his comfort zone.

The same thing is happening in our society. Some people are working so hard, but to put others down. We have different strengths and capabilities. Each of us was born different and with a unique character. Whether we are all race car drivers mentored by the same legendary driver, we will always have our unique ways of doing things. If we focus on helping each other, we not only help people achieve their dreams, we also help ourselves and the community at large.

My take

I probably think too much. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing because it helps me see things that benefit me and the people around me, challenge us to be better. The incident with the kids in my neighbourhood really got me thinking. This is the young generation and they have a wrong perception of society. I believe they will change as they grow up but they need our guidance. Society can be better but we have to make it better by changing the mentality and perception of people through our actions. We can start by empowering each other. No one is perfect and we are all susceptible to vices such as jealousy. But they are only vices if we let them influence us negatively.

We are fighting right but for the wrong reasons.

We have an enviable community. People are really hardworking and talented. I believe that the same way we look different, we are empowered differently. Our different looks and personalities are like keys. They unlock different doors to different paths. We can look alike but we perform differently. Let’s empower each other because nobody can take what is meant for you. Let’s fight right and for the right reasons. 😍

I hope you learned something from this post. If so, give us a thumbs up and share your thoughts in the comment section. Till next time, Adios.

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