In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, businesses need to propagate their operations online. Some startups and small companies have been forced to close their doors thus sending their employees packing. The economy has been hit hard, and this time, everyone is feeling the heat. AUTLYN Biz helps all businesses become visible to new and existing clients. It provides a platform to list businesses online and optimize their visibility to reach a large audience.

Overview of AUTLYN Biz

AUTLYN Biz prioritizes on their mission to showcase all businesses to the world. It provides its diverse range of online listing services to all businesses irrespective of their size. All companies, whether private, start-up or public, have a voice on this platform. It assures businesses exposure and the ability to showcase their products to the online world through a single point platform.

Online economy.

The online economy is without a doubt growing at a very fast rate compared to the rest of the economy. This platform harness the potential of the internet business environment and allows businesses to reap its benefits. By removing the complexities of search engine optimization and online commerce, this platform optimizes the visibility of businesses online and allows them to manage their business processes online. This helps more and more businesses, more so startups, to get off their feet by expediting their growth rates. The main benefit is an increase in economic output and trade globally.

The powerful search engine at the core of the platform facilitates the easy location of located businesses. It also lists the businesses’ various products and services. Most importantly, it allows buyers and sellers to interact through an online chat system. This allows the deliberation of prices and optimizes the conversion of leads. The platform runs on a cloud-based infrastructure that allows reliability and scalability.

Solutions rooted in our design.

As an unmatched business listing platform, AUTLYN gives businesses the following tools and technology to perform better.

  • Easy Search and Fast Results – It’s as simple as searching the business, the products or services you want, or the street or building that you are in to see nearby businesses.
  • Free and Real Time- Through a keenly developed interface, listed businesses are able to showcase different information. Such information includes their physical location, addresses, contact info, social media pages, their products and services range. Businesses can also include a description of the products and services online.
  • Instant feedback- Businesses can instantaneously respond to the customers through an online based chat platform.
  • Easy usage- Through a simplified sign up and back end, business are able to upload and manage their information remotely.
  • Community- autlyn is an interactive community of both business and customers.
  • Thriving Partnership- We offer a partnership to both the customers and the business owners to ensure everybody wins.

AUTLYN Biz aims to provide a timeless visibility platform to enhance e-commerce, for startups as well as big companies. Businesses on this platform showcase their products or services at subsidized marketing costs that favor both startups and established businesses. Enroll your business on AUTLYN Biz today and enjoy a series of solutions for your business and your customers.

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