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Why you need to go to College or University.

In the current society, going to college or university has become a controversial topic. There are many debates on this matter and both parties make very good points. But come to think of it, the reasons why you need to go to college or university far outweigh their counterparts.

We all know of a guy who never went to college yet they are very successful. We also know of a guy who dropped out of college and is now very successful, too. The question is, how many people can actually pull it off? Truth be told, they only make it that far because the system in their country allows them to. Our systems can’t. Most of the systems in third world countries are not manifested in a manner that allows us to fully depend on our innovations. How can we rely on them for careers then? Well, they are trying to make it happen and we appreciate. But I still wouldn’t advise anyone to skive college to pursue their innovations, yet.

Why people are going to college

Most people have been caught on the record saying that they went to college or university for their parents. This is something we can all relate to because we probably did the same. But this pains me because we are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Most of us want to see our parents happy and proud of us. But we forget our happiness and pride are at stake too. Society expects us to certain things in a certain way and that’s where we go wrong. This reason is forcing our young generation to go to any college or university to pursue any course.

Our society is molded in a manner that praises graduates and disregards the rest. People who never went to college or university are often shrugged off even when they have crucial information or skills. This brings me to the next reason why people are going to college; to gain respect in the community. But let’s be realistic, this is an illusion that has led most youths into college or university only to go back home after their course is over. These are just a few among many wrong reasons why most people are going to college.

Reasons you need to go to college

One thing I value about college is cultural diversity. The exposure you are likely to get from interacting with different people is immeasurable. This might not seem to be a big deal but it is. Every culture has its unique ways of doing things. Interacting with these people will give you knowledge and skills that prove to very valuable years after college.

Networking is very important, especially in the current society. In college, you are bound to make friends or rather be part of societies within the campus. These networks are very important especially from a career point of view. Some of the greatest and most successful investment groups exist courtesy of societies on the campus. Some of the biggest corporations were also formed by college buddies who used their diverse skills and networks.

why you need to go to College or University

You probably wanted to skip college to work on your dream business. However, it would be much better if you had papers to back you up. By going to college, you have an opportunity to recruit more people who are better skilled and like-minded to be part of your team. I think of college as a place where the greatest minds in society are bred.

Stereotypes will always outline the arguments on either side of the bar but the merits of going to college outweigh the latter. We all have dreams about starting our companies and all. Going to college does not derail these dreams, instead, it allows you to be better by presenting a knowledge-base with unlimited knowledge and resources. Go to college, pursue a course you enjoy and be happy while at it.

I hope you learned something from this post. If so, give it a thumbs up and type your thoughts on the comment section. Till next time, Adios.

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