Power and the deep state is a phenomenon that exists in every system of governance. Even in the most mature democracies of the world such as the US, there exist a system of governance that Mike Lofgren referred to as a shadow government. This is a group of people who manipulate the high elements of government. They include the intelligence, judiciary, executives who control the direction of government policy.

We call them the deep state. These are non-elected officials whose main aim is to manipulate the functioning of the government. They embed themselves in the government’s bureaucracy as high-level members of different decision-making boards.

In his book, Killing the deep state, Jerome Corsi highlights that the existence of the deep state in the US can be traced through four successive regimes that followed after Ronald Reagan, that is, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama. The 34th POTUS (president of the United States), Dwight Eisenhower in 1961 foretold the rise of the deep state.

He did this through a relationship between the Large military corporations, Congress, and the Department of Defense. He called it the Military-Industrial complex. Basically, this means that the large corporations dealing with arms fund politicians. Together, manipulate the department of defence to award arms tender to them. They then perpetuate wars in other countries like Iran. They do this to find a market for their weapons as well as exploit the resources of a weaker nation.

However, Jerome Corsi depicts a resilient Donald trump who defied political correctness and put up a fight against the deep state in the bid to occupy the highest office. Sponsored negative PR from mainstream media outlets was a strategy to de-popularize Donald Trump. On the other hand, the deep state believed in a Hilary Clinton presidency since she had “sworn allegiance” and would allow the deep state to perpetuate wars and other crimes such as the printing of fiat currency.

Power and the Deep State in Kenya

William Ruto is up against the deep state, and it goes without saying that it does not want him anywhere near the presidency. However, William has exhibited a spirit of undying resilience and indomitable commitment towards achieving his dream, to become the 5th president of Kenya. On the political chessboard, he has two options:

  1. Seduce the deep state into supporting him.
  2. Device a mechanism of defeating the power and the deep state.

Remember, impossibility just exists in ways, as a word in the dictionary and as a state of the mind. Till next time, Adios.