When asked what the key to a good and happy life is, most people young and old alike are likely to give a unanimous answer. We both know what the answer would be. Money and Fame. Probably add career satisfaction in the equation too. But is that it?

I’m not very wealthy. Probably I overstated that. I’m not wealthy at all, but I know and have interacted with a few rich and successful. Probably they are happy, I might not know. I’m not famous either and I haven’t interacted with famous people.

But I love learning and this time I came across a Ted talk that I could relate to 💯. The key to a good and happy life is a content heart. Money and Fame are not the answer to a content heart. On the contrary, they just add up to the complexities of life. Money demands more money. The same thing with fame and career satisfaction. So what is the answer to happiness?

A study that has been ongoing at Havard for slightly over 75 years asserts that the happiest people are those who invested their time building social connections. After hitting the retirement age, the happiest people were those who had invested in social relationships. Their counterparts who had she’d people away and focused on career development lived low-quality lives most of them becoming victims of depression among other mental illnesses.

Don’t get me wrong though. I advise you to work hard, be successful at work, and become famous. However, the current generation of youths is kinda trying too much. We are so much about trying to please others, get money in whatever way possible, and struggle to be famous. This might seem like the right thing to do but most books I have read, most shows I have watched and testimonies I have gotten from people prove otherwise.

Do you what money and fame have in common? Look at it this way, The more money and fame you get, the more you desire. These two will never be enough and at each juncture, you will be more zealous. You will hold things that matter in low regard all with the aim of being richer or more famous. But every time you are happy because you made a real social connection, you add more value to your life. One of my favorite quotes is, “Your network is your net worth”.

Money is critical to survival. Some say that money is not everything, it’s the only thing. That is probably taking it too far but we all need money. However, where happiness is concerned, a line needs to be drawn.


Social relationships are key to the happiest lives. People who have high-quality relationships live their best lives. One fact that is overlooked very much is the role of high-quality relationships in one’s life. If you have good friends around you, you will have people to talk to and this reduces loneliness.

A good and happy life relly on your ability to foster high-quality relationships and achieve emotional balance. The reason why most people no longer believe in the existence of a happily ever after is because they focus on the wrong things. Focus on the right things and enjoy a happily ever after kind of life.

Till next time, Adios.