“They look adorable, right?” and “I know right.” That’s what we all think when we see a father and his son walking together all happy and cheerful. Just a Heads-up, it’s not always that fun.

I pictured my relationship with my son from my days on campus. Way back from when I did not have a girlfriend probably because all I had were big dreams. But now, more than five years later, I have the privilege and blessing of being a dad, I have a few things to share with people with whom we share similar sentiments. Being a dad is fun, I’m not gonna lie. But it’s only fun when you have a plan to get things moving because it’s hella expensive. So, I made myself knowledgeable and averagely successful thinking it would be enough.

Truth be told, it’s not enough. Just a heads-up, it will never be enough. Being a Dad is a full-time job. At least that’s what everybody says. What most people don’t tell you is that fatherhood is an infinite loop of learning. Every day is different, with some type-a customized lesson. I’m hella ambitious. A go-getter who pictured me as a business owner less than 5 years after graduating from campus. God knows I hate being an employee. But being a dad has automatically given me one skill I struggled with but never achieved for more than seven years; Patience.


Just a heads-up, children cry all the time. I don’t know the reason because no book has written that. If you have come across it kindly recommended it in the comment section. Sometimes our little man would cry and I would think that he was trying to make a point. That, probably, he was the new Don in town and I couldn’t do sh!t about it. I swear I wasn’t ready for this. Normally, I’m a short-tempered guy. But our little man could scream in my ears and there is nothing I could do. I would literary walk around the house, taking him on a tour he didn’t give a sh!t about and he would still not shut up.

Kids have this way of crying where they vibrate their tongues and scream at a pitch that could make you deaf. One time I took him to the kitchen, turned on the tap, and tried to explain how the water comes out of the green PVC pipe. The guy was kinda fascinated because he suddenly shut up and stared at the water coming out of the pipe. This was good, well, until my hands became stiff and I could no longer hold him in the same position. The screams began.

I’m very careful about my image. Probably, I care too much about my first impression. Having our little man make me do hella crazy things, things that made him calm required patience on another level. Some things Dads do for their kids are out of this world. Dad’s deserve respect.

Suspenders and sh!t

This is how I pictured fatherhood in my generation; suspenders and sh!t. I’m not gonna lie to you, the closest I have ever been to wearing suspenders was using a sisal rope as a belt. But for my son, I always fantasized about me and my son rocking the streets in `em khaki shorts and suspenders every Thursday. I don’t know why, but that has always been my fantasy.

Just a Heads-up, this is not always the case. Sharing from experience and personal perception, Dads are branded type-a villains in the home because they need to make sure that they raise responsible people in society. My dad did, I will and I urge you to do the same. Becoming a dad has helped me change my perception of different aspects regarding the relationship between every dad and his kids.

I will uphold my fantasy of suspenders and sh!t every Thursday. I will come up with some un-heard off themes about ThrowBack Thursday being a day to commemorate some un-heard off culture. As much as my kid will be an excuse for me to do some crazy things such as take a ride on a roller-coaster, I think of it as payment for the sleepless nights we enjoyed. Me, him, and his momma. We had so much fun listening to his screams, maybe just because he did not want to sleep in his crib and wanted to sleep in our bed, or probably because he wanted to sleep in the sitting room alternating in our arms. Whatever the reason, we don’t know. Just a Heads-up, you might not know either.

Deprived Sleep

Our parent and their parents before them might have failed to mention a few things. Well, sometimes they do especially when they are angry at us during our teen years when we tend to oversleep. Before then, my parents had not mentioned that I never slept during my infancy years. Just a heads-up if you thought they lied, they didn’t. They were very sincere.

I’m not much of a sleeper. Not at night anyway, but I spend most of my afternoons and early evenings sleeping. But our little man was not okay with that. He kinda had his own plans to disrupt my schedule, without prior warning or any later apologies.


We are different and so are our children. But their characteristics are not that different. The extremism depends on our craziness at their stage and age. But one thing, I have learned is that you will never be ready to become a Dad. There is always something new to learn.

I hope I did not scare you by sharing my experiences. Yours could be different because we are all different. leave your thoughts in the comment section. Till next time, Adios.

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