Social media marketing has become a common phrase in most corporate conversations. Do you think that every business should have a social media marketing strategy?

My answer is a strong YES.

During this digital era, I believe that every business irrespective of its size should be on at least one or two social media platforms.

Why should they be on social media?

Being on social media has so many benefits for a business. Social media helps in creating and enhancing awareness of a business or brand. I believe that the primary objective of every business is to make sales and generate revenue. Social media helps a business reach a wider audience. A percentage of this audience is the business’s next customers.

But before we get to making sales, let’s talk matters social media marketing and how a business can optimize their social media platforms to achieve the most out of it. I have clearly outlined the social media strategy that has helped me achieve the most out of social media for my clients.

Define your target audience.

By defining your target audience, you isolate your brand’s niche. This is the percentage of social media users you will be holding conversations with online. Social media comprises many types of audiences. To be relevant and gain the most out of social media, identify a group of people you target on social media.

How do you choose your niche/ target audience?

A perfect audience comprises people who may interact with your products or require your services either directly or indirectly. Target people who may be interested in the end products of your business operations. These people are going to be your prospective customers or brand ambassadors. Your audience should be people you share a common language. For instance, a business that sells computer accessories should target people who ‘speak nerd’. These people will engage with your content regarding computer updates, make purchases, or recommend you to their peers who need your products/services.

Create a content strategy.

After you have identified your audience now define a content strategy. “Content is King/Queen” is a very popular and accurate phrase. Without content, your audience will not have a baseline to ignite conversations. Among the key goals of being on social media is to create brand awareness. As a result, you need to publish content that stands out. This content should also compel your audience to engage.

How do you create a content strategy?

I will create a step-by-step guide to creating an effective content marketing strategy but for now, I’ll just share the basics. A content strategy is primarily driven by your audience. Your audience determines the content you share. Begin by sharing information within your area of operation. Based on how your audience reacts to the content, you will soon narrow it down to the type of content that they engage with the most. An effective content strategy is highly influenced by the insight you achieve from your social media analytics.


“Success is not always about greatness, it’s about consistency”. The phrase applies while creating a social media marketing strategy more so while defining your content marketing strategy. A successful social media marketing manager is conscious of the social media trends but maintains consistency in their content creation plans.

How do I remain to maintain consistency?

Identify the content that receives the most number of engagements from your users. Use that content as the baseline of your content creation strategy. What I simply mean is, create content that is within the scope of your identified topics. Make sure that your content is always relevant to your target social media audience.

My secret strategy on maintaining consistency:

I use trending topics to create a baseline that complements my content strategy. For instance, if there’s a trending topic, I attempt to structure my content within the context of the trending topic. This way, I take note and act upon social media trending subjects but remain consistent and relevant to my audience.


Engagement is the easiest and my favorite part of social media marketing. Through engagement, you learn a lot from your audience and some also learn from you. You basically share different views about a topic or topics.

How do I engage?

It’s simple. Like every comment on your posts. That way you make your audience feel that they matter. You need that emotional connection with your audience.

Reply to comments on your posts. By replying you either agree or disagree with your audience. You should be careful about how you reply. Make sure you are considerate and sensitive while you make contact with your audience on social media.

Your audience on social media is part of your business. You should, therefore, treat them as part of your extended business community. If you’re having trouble coming up with creative content check out my article on overcoming creative blocks.

I hope that you have had a great reading experience and that you have learned something. Now implement the strategy. To learn more follow my conversation and engage with me on Twitter about the same.

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  2. You have mentioned that we should link to other websites with relevant content. Should that be a follow link or a no follow link? Is it true that giving out a link passes out some of the juice from our website to website which we are linking to?

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