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Too much of it is bad. Too little of it is insufficient. But with moderation, it is the best quality. it has been proven very effective in shaping different and critical aspects of your life. I’m talking about Ego. Most people refer to it as pride, though. The line separating the two is very thin, and one that we need to understand before moving on.

While ego is the feeling of self-importance, pride satisfaction because of one’s achievements. You earn pride and that is why I advocate for pride over ego any day. In any environment, I believe that ego is one of man’s greatest enemies of progress. Whether in relationships or in a career which is two of the most basic environments for anyone.

I’m sure we’ve all heard people who’ve been branded as egoistic. Well, the word is used inappropriately most times but in cases where it’s used appropriately, it’s not a compliment. In fact, I think it’s one of the statements that should scare you the most. statements that should send you to a corner of self-reflection.

Relationships and Ego.

“I’m not texting first. I’m not that desperate. He/she needs to know I’m a gem.”

This statement has put so many relationships at stake. Most never recover when either party thinks they are better than their counterpart. Before I step on any toes, there should be an equal effort from either party. But some petty behavior such as not willing to text first might be a portrayal of an exaggerated ego.

Texting first does not imply desperation. It means you value your relationship and your partner. It means you don’t want to lose either.

Relationships only work when both of you are willing to compromise. Overlook each other’s flaws and put in the effort, live together harmoniously. It’s not easy alright. Nothing is easy, but you put the effort when you think it’s worth the while. You make it a priority when you value it. This means letting your ego fade away.


I was employed for close to a year. Before then, I was a freelancer for close to three years. Interactions with my clients were online. Never did I aspire to face them one-one because that would mean mingling and consequently issues would arise. I dreaded conflicting with any of them. Communicating online via email or whichever channel would work best was enough. But I had to take a physical job position and this trained me to swallow my ego. It worked like a charm, I lasted long enough to test these assertions.

But let’s face it. To be successful in the current society, compromising is paramount. Most graduates have a mentality, something I’m going to brand as an ego. Often people perceive holding a degree as a free pass to disrespect and perceive one’s self as more important. But Karma is whoever they say he/she is.

Pocketing one’s ego is the key to success. Well, there is a thin line between ego and self-respect. A line that is thin but should be identified at all times. However, each individual should know that a successful career is built on pain. Respectfully standing down when you would rather bring the storm to your oppressor. But that’s just career life.


Social Relationships

The social relationships we have and associate ourselves with make us human. It is human nature to form social relationships around us. We live better quality lives when we do so.

However, these social relationships are often put in jeopardy because of our bursting ego. This always ends in tears. We lose friends and connections ultimately reducing our wealth. Our network determines our net worth. Our networks comprise of people we are associated with and losing any connection is a likely implication of a severed tie.

Similar to intimate connections, our social relationships are subject to compromise. Sometimes, there is a need to look the other way so long as the act does not defy our moral or ethical code. However, people can only stand the stench for so long. At some point, stinking egos push even the closest people away.


The bottom line is, ego is bad. Unlike pride which is believed to come before a fall, the ego does not elevate you to a point where you can possibly fall. My advice would be, be humble. If you have an ego, tame it.

Don’t toot to your own horn, let others do it for you. Even then, don’t allow it to get to your head. Otherwise, stay safe, stay home. If you have to run an errand, wear a mask. Keep corona at bay.

I hope you learned something. If so, give us a like and leave your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about my perception of Ego as shared in this post? Till next time, Adios.

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