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Who is to Blame?

Queen looks troubled, so troubled that she can’t even eat. But whatever is bothering her, isn’t her fault. She was just being a mediator when this happened. She could use a wish right about now; that she’d she never helped Lily, Allan, and Jack. But what had happened, really? Who is to blame?

Here’s her side of story.

So, Lily and Allan have been dating for about eight months now. Life for them was as every typical lovebird’s life could be. They had their ups and downs, alright, but they always overcame. Many admired their relationship. What was not to love about them? Soon enough they earned the nickname, “Lillian” couple. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. 😊

Then it happened. Something that would make them closer, or so they thought. Jack moved into Lily’s neighborhood. Things began going haywire there and then. They thought this was best for their growing relationship. But, was it? Well, in Allan’s eyes it was not.

Apparently, Lily was Jack’s ex-girlfriend. They had only dated for two months when they agreed that things couldn’t work out between them. After their breakup, Lily and her family moved to their current neighborhood.

Now Jack and Allan shared a neighborhood and as it turned out, they were long time buddies. They had gone to school together. Calling them a dynamic duo could not be enough to describe the two.

Like every typical neighborhood newbie, he was accustomed to a tour around the neighborhood. During the tour, he met lots of people like Queen, Lily’s best friend. Thanks to Queen’s “personal” sense of humor, their paths crossed instantly. But soon enough, they would become very good friends. He was a popular newbie. That worked in his favor, within no time Jack finally settled courtesy of his popularity in the neighborhood.

Since moving to her neighborhood, Allan had noticed something in Lily that had got him thinking about her, a lot. Fewer calls, fewer texts, fewer visits, frequent mood swings, and all. This had never happened before. Could it be —

Allan raised his concerns with his new friend Queen. But Queen her best friend by bluntly saying,

“Lily can’t do such a thing. You know that too.”

[I bet you’ve figured the question, right]

At least it relieved Allan’s worry, partly.

On Lily’s side, she and Jack had been spending some time together, for old time’s sake probably. Going out shopping, ice cream at a popular joint in the mall, to the park, and a few visits to each other’s homes. But they were not being too cozy with each other, or so they thought. And that was respected.

A silly joke from Allan during a casual walk in the park projected to a heated argument between Allan and Lily. And Jack swang in to protect his “friend”, shoving Alan as if to fight him, telling him to let Lily be. The Guardian Angel, Queen, also showed up. Allan was branded the villain as they all protected Lily.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Queen asked.

“Dear Lily can answer that,” Allan retorted back.

“You’re always the problem Allan. You think too highly of yourself. Get a life bruh. Let Lily be, clingy narcissist, she’s happy by Jack’s side” Queen burst.

[It was at that moment she knew she knew that she’d **** up]

But Lily said “Queen you shouldn’t have said that.”

“Why? Are you in love with him?”

“Excuse me? It isn’t true, right Lily?” Alarmed Allan asked.

“Leave Queen alone, we never asked her to sort our mess!” Lily fired back.

Queen, now frustrated at Lily, burst out that Lily once kissed Jack. Mad Allan just left, fuming at Lily. Lily managed a sigh!

“Queen I hope you’re happy!”

Everyone was mad at Queen. [well, who wouldn’t be?] She had screwed up pretty bad by letting Lily’s secret slip. She had hurt Allan, by previously lying to him and inhumanely shocking him with the truth. But, was she to blame? If not her, who was to blame?

Who do you think was to blame? Share your thoughts on the comment section and check out more stories.

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