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What I regret about my life on campus.

My view of campus life is different from that of most people. Probably because of the hypothetical low-key life. Well, most of my buddies may not attest to it but it is what it is.😂😂 I mean, low-key in the sense that my circle was pretty small. And that was kinda the problem. I did not socialize enough and probably it’s what I regret about it.

Most people underrate going to campus. Sadly, a percentage of society things that going to campus should not be a priority to our youth. For so many reasons, I think it should be every youngster’s dream. Read my previous article on why you need to go to college or university to understand my point of view.

I was placed in a technology-oriented class. Soon enough, I would become a typical nerd by definition. I did not have many friends, or rather I had not met the society standards to having many friends. I didn’t have my attention, how was I going to get people’s attention? Probably, you’re thinking that I had low self-esteem, and you’re probably right. Bottom-line, I kept to myself for the bigger part of my first two years on campus.

Towards the third year, my nerdy @ss had developed a voice. The number of friends slightly surpassed the number of fingers and toes on me. That was a good thing. For the first time in my life, I felt alive and part of something. I had a few nerd-fluent buddies with whom we’d have deep conversations about tech and related whatnot. And that is what I regret right there, the fact that I only had a few of them.

After completing my finals, I moved to the city where I dedicated my time to a start-up we had formulated while on campus. I would not say that it was a smooth ride. Although we had a funding strategy, getting a steady supply of clients to get us off the ground was tough. During this time, I took up a few Udemy short courses on digital marketing. It was a new world, and I had every intention of pursuing and commanding it.

But one thing was holding me back, my people skills. I realized that I only maintained friends but I did not know how to make new acquaintances. This skill was not going to be easy to learn. Probably, it was too late to try but I tried anyway. I did not get the results I expected. But, I learned a thing or two. First, I had passed on a lifetime opportunity to build a wealthy network while on campus. I had focused too much on education and making money that I had overlooked something very important, having a network around me. Probably, it was too late. Because my then schedule involved going to the office from Monday to Friday and my weekend was covered by freelancing.

Second, I did not have as much fun as I should have. I’d describe myself as a person who often holds back. This is a bad trait when it comes to social interactions. The case is no different from my life on campus and to some extent I regret it. Most of the time, I was stuck behind a computer doing a thing or two. It was a hobby, but come to think of it, I should have done a better job balancing my time.

My old man always told me, let bygones be bygones. So I let it go and started thinking about how I’d turn things around because my career depended on it. I had to find a work-around fast. One of my job descriptions was managing social media accounts. Here I learned to engage and interact with people online. My favorite one was twitter. I found it more opinionative and collecting information or customer feedback was very easy.

But even then I lacked something, having long and healthy conversations with people. I began researching how this could be solved. Then one day on my way to work I took a seat and beside me was a familiar face. A guy I saw often in campus. We had never before talked yet we were from the same campus and admitted during the same period. Striking a rapport was instant. The thirty-minutes drive was reduced to seconds. Never at any moment did I lack something sensible to say. He offered to share information about our company to people in his circle and soon, I was getting referrals from him.

That day, I had made a friend and talked so fluently I couldn’t believe it. It was then I realized that if I had created a network while on campus, things would have been different for me. I’m not talking about careerwise alone, I’m talking about social interactions and sharing all-round innovative ideas. There and then I had regrets about the life I had led and thought to myself not to overlook environments that provide an opportunity to interact or know a person or two.

If you are on campus or any other institution, take it from me and build your network. At some point, your life might depend on it and if you act on it, you will have nothing to regret about. Your network is your net worth or so they say.

I hope you learned something from this post. If so, give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends to help them learn from it too and you will not regret it. Till next time, Adios.

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