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The Society We Need

I refrain from engaging in politics but, well, here we go. The ideal society, we fantasized about as young people, is different from what we encounter when we’re grown up. It is faced with so many problems, most of which we overcome. But what I have found to be kinda impossible to fix are the politically-influenced problems. They are the hindrance to the society we need because the people in power have forged the society they need or probably they think we need. But we live in a democratic nation and the last time I checked, democracy gives the people power to stand against oppression. As I said, I never think or talk about politics but I have to share my mind now.

A few days ago, my friend and I had a very heated conversation about the state of leadership in our country. It started when my friend made a hilarious and out-of-the-box comment. That we should change the name of our country and that would probably change dynasty leadership. Dynasty leadership, huh! Well, sadly, it is what it is. 😒

My issue right now is not with whoever is calling the shots in government. Rather it is with what we can do to change that. How people can use democracy and the power given to them. I also don’t mean that we should take to the streets and demonstrate, the reasons being, that never works in our country and also we are facing a nasty pandemic. But let’s face it, how many times have we demonstrated and went back to the same society to live with the things we were complaining about. This applies to all institutions starting from the miniature ones such as colleges and universities. Demonstrations don’t work, so we should engage in better and more strategic ways of compelling change. And funny enough, we don’t need to be united. We just need to have a common understanding that there is this and that way of doing things.

“We don’t need to be united, we only need to have an understanding that there is this and that way of doing things,” my friend said in the middle of our politically-driven, heated conversation. And it got me thinking, how appropriate. We all have different leadership preferences in different institutions. But to change the society our leaders want and create the society we need, we only need to come to an understanding irrespective of our political or leadership views. We do not even need to know which part of the country our counterparts come from. We only need to understand that our society is our business.

By the society we need, I mean one that is free of corruption and where justice prevails. Where the judiciary holds people accountable for their deeds regardless of who they know in the system, etcetera. We do not need to demonstrate to get justice, for heaven’s sake. From what I have observed, this increased engagement in the name of demanding justice only catalyzes things. And they eventually get out of hand. We are doing the same thing the same way over and over again expecting different results, which is insane from Albert Einstein’s point of view. How many patriotic citizens have died over the years in demonstrations? How many more have to die? Is there a different way of doing things?

Millions of citizens in a country have the power to change the system. But how? By coming to an understanding. Not by considering our tribal or ethnic stands by abiding by and doing what society needs.

Our society is our business! We need to take this literary. Everyone needs to understand this. But you find that the people who use such terms use them against us. They use them to escape their legislative responsibilities. Why not use them how they’re meant to be, to unite the citizens with their leaders sitting in those well-furnished offices? I mean, literary uniting them not following the bureaucratic “channels” that they deem fit.

Think of a society where legislators lead the church in fighting ethnic vices. I do not mean the usual or typical yearly subscription where they come once a year with donation money to shush them. I mean where the consistent spearhead initiatives to create the society we need. I’m sure the churches will be okay financially, after all, I think that they are self-sustaining.

The Senate is there to bring the government closer to people right? What if all its members had a common understanding to serve the people. You don’t actually have to like each other, though it might be better if you do. You only need to put the needs of your people ahead of your own. What happened to the qualities of a good leader we learned in primary school? That aside, y’all need to quit bullcrap. Fighting against each other for whatever reason is real bullcrap.

What if you actually represented your people. What if you took their grievances to the people in the offices above our paygrades, not that we have any. Help get justice for the typical citizens, victims of oppression, and excessive use of force by law enforcers.😒 If you don’t, people become desperate and take to the streets which makes things worse for them. Nobody wants that but you force the people to do so because you don’t do what you should.

To get things right we need to change our perception of various things as a society. First is the perception that politics is a dirty game. Probably it is, but it is so because of us. So it is also our responsibility to change it, to make it right. Because of such mantras, people like me have refrained from taking political stands all our lives. Good people and leaders have refrained from doing what they should because they want to stay clean or rather they do not want to get their integrity corrupted.

We will only get the community we need if leaders quit playing games, if they stop being tricksters. If they take it as their responsibility to walk the talk. But it is what it is right? 😒

People don’t need donation money, they don’t. Let’s face it, we have the potential to empower ourselves, but we need to be in a different society to achieve this. Every family is capable of empowering themselves. But this cannot happen in the society we have been created for.

Look at it this way. Every parent is doing everything they can to educate their child or children, right? They sell what they have and paying school fees to the highest possible level of education. But the crippling factor is that the children do not get employed to return the favor so the family ends up poor and begging for donations. What if we are in an ideal society where people get access to opportunities based on their qualifications? I believe that every family would have many chances to get empowered. I base this on the fact that every family has at least one or two people who have the right educational qualifications to get a job, help themselves and their families.

But with the society we have, bright people will continue staying in the village and some committing suicide out of desperation. This is not right. To make matters worse, you’ll graduates to be innovative and empower themselves. HOW? Every law in place tends to have been strategically placed to clip the wings of these young birds as they try to fly away.😒

We don’t even need to be on the same political side to get the society we need. We only need to have a common understanding. And then, we will have the society we need where there are no problems such as depression and negative mental health because we will be content with the environment we live in. We will not need leaders to donate money to us because we will be in a self-sustaining environment. I believe that it’s that simple but because there are selfish people leading us, and because we do not have a common understanding, it will continue to be hard and unachievable.

But does it have to be that way?

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