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Zahir – Part One

A simple yet complex story about Zahir.

In his bedroom closet, in one of his trench coats, he pulls out a black gun, loads it, and leaves. He enters his white Rolls Royce and drives to the Summer in the Woods Summit. Time to make them pay for ruining his career amidst the unemployment crisis.

He was in the entertainment sector. The kind that builds DJs and beatmakers [the kind we all love and follow on social media], well, until he got messed up. Zahir was married to a lovely lady called Hawa and they had two kids, Melly and Slimey. The love tale ended after Hawa was caught cheating on her husband, with her employer. Even though the boys stayed with their dad, Zahir allowed them to visit their mum on weekends and holidays.

All was well for Zahir until the new and current manager of Furry Coat showed up. Apparently, Shade was the bossy type. And only Zahir had the guts to stand up to him. One day this happened, and Furry Coat was no longer the same.

”Zahir, move to careers for the night,” Shade told him.

“My son is sick. I need to take care of him,” Zahir replied and went home.

Shade tried stopping him but got a heavy blow on his face. Well, it did too much damage that he didn’t go to work for three days. When he returned, he called the board. Zahir was grilled and was declared unfit for work, just because he didn’t attend nightshift at careers. He tried to tell them Slimey was sick, but it was all in vain. When Furry Coat employees heard what happened, they were outraged. Some promised to support him if he was to seek for justice, which was what he was doing at the Summer in the Woods Summit.

“Zahir, what a pleasant surprise! What brings you here?” Jaheim, his best friend and colleague saw him and asked.

“I’m here to see Shade’s downfall,” He replied

“What’s your plan?” Jaheim asked

Good question. What was Zahir’s plan?

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