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The Bathroom Affair – A very short story

Why the bathroom affair? Thought this was supossed to stay confidential and not on an article circulating on social media? Well…

The bathroom is probably my favorite part of the house. Yeah, you read that right, Favorite. Well, not technically my favorite because don’t stay there that long. But I make sure to go there a couple of times in a week.

Walk with me here… I can be so many things while in the bathroom. My favorite part is a karaoke guru. I mean, my vocals tore the line every time I go through those bathroom doors. For a moment there, I thought I would be the next Jason Derulo or Chris Breezy. Well, I still do but I’ll have to carry by my bathroom to the recording studio or to those big shows. I know I’m not alone in this. I know you also thought you could be a musician sometimes courtesy of the bathroom. See, you also have a bathroom affair. Well, dreams are valid pal, we can still pull it off with a little training and effort I bet. 😅

I mean, on a good day, I even manage to moon-walk. Well, this happens after a few moments when the showering gel brings out my break dancing skills. I slide/moon-walk from one wall to the next and across. I’m sure the legendary Michael Jackson would be no match for me during such moments. In there, I’m literary a star dancing in the rain. I hope you’re imagining that. I have a feeling you have thought of or probably seen one of these old-school RnB artists breakdance in the rain. That’s what I believe I look like in there.

But one day I had this unpleasant instance when I lost my balance. Well, I was lucky not to get hurt but the desperation before I hit the bathroom floor is something I’ll dread forever. So here’s what happened. I walked into the bathroom feeling down because things in life weren’t going that well for me. A few minutes in the warm shower and my talent kicked in. But I wasn’t paying much attention so I lost balance and Baam! The problem was not falling but the struggle before I got to the ground. The most painful part was struggling to hold on to water falling from the showerhead. Unfortunately, water isn’t tangible so I couldn’t hold on and it couldn’t save me.

But seriously, I mean it when I say that the bathroom is one place I’m really fond of. For this reason, I’m intensely concerned about my bathroom. While other people focus on investing in their living room, probably because that’s where visitors see first, I invest in my bathroom. I make sure I have a functioning hot shower, a showering gel with a really nice fragrance, air fresheners, and every bathroom accessory you can think of. Probably, you’re wondering, WHY? And the answer is simple. The bathroom is my creativity zone.

I’m a writer and an introvert. Because I do this for a living, I tend to think I’m good at it. That aside, I can stay for days without going out so every time I feel exhausted or can’t get a story right, I jump into the shower. It works like a charm because a few minutes in and I have every storyline flowing.

The bathroom not only makes me an artist/musician and dancer, but it also makes me a very smart person. In there, some of the craziest thoughts make sense. I’m not going to go to the details right now but in there, I’m in the league of Michael Scottfield, Raymond Reddington, The professor, and the likes. Well, not to the extent of breaking out of jail, directing crazy heists, or being a criminal mastermind. But I tend to think I can match their thinking. Probably if I stayed in the bathroom long enough I would come up with a solution to our current COVID pandemic [scoffs].😁

Well, I do love this room even though I don’t spend so much time in there. It helps renew my confidence every time I feel low, regain control of stories once I hit a dead-end, or rather experience a creativity block. My bathroom affair will continue and I’ll keep you updated on anything interesting that happens.

Till next time, Adios.

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