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The logic behind GTA and reality

Is there any logic behind GTA and reality?

Well, let’s take a look at what happens in GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, 4, and 5, then compare it to sampled examples in reality.

What happens in reality

When you damage a car in reality, you’ll definitely pay for it, or be sued. The same for when someone needs an emergency response from a paramedic, they’ll definitely be there. And also for when a fire hydrant is crashed, water will shoot up high and if you go over it, you’ll be thrown way up.

What happens in GTA 3

However hard you try to damage a car in GTA 3, it will not show any signs of damage. Be it by weapons or melee, nothing works. When paramedics are needed to attend to someone, they’ll appear in a record 10 seconds. Amazing! And they’ll attend nicely. But as soon as they’re done, they’ll suck at driving. Even more ridiculous, the NPC in need of help will wake up and leave as though nothing happened. When you crash into a fire hydrant, water shoots up, but water shooting up is not realistic. The water comes out of nowhere. Try to stand on top, nothing happens.

What happens in GTA Vice City

A car will show signs of damage when attacked, and if prolonged, the car will blow up. When paramedics are needed, they’ll arrive in 17 seconds. But they’ll kill an NPC in the process and start working on them. The original victims are left to disappear. This dead NPC will rise from the dead, thanks to paramedics who raise the dead. Again, they’ll suck at driving. Crash into a fire hydrant, water shoots to a ridiculously low level, stand on it, the water disappears. Bear in mind that water comes out of nowhere.

What happens in GTA San Andreas

A car will react the same as GTA Vice City. Blows up when an attack is prolonged. Call paramedics, the driver is a piece of s*** driving full speed with one arm. Well, they’ll run over the sick NPC, and one of the paramedics will just moonwalk till the victim disappears. Again, they suck at driving. Why do all ambulance drivers in this game have to piss off anyway? At least water from hydrants is realistic, but it appears from nowhere and doesn’t do a damn thing when you stand on it.

What happens in GTA 4

Well, cars show more damage effect than previous GTA games, and when you hit the bonnet too much, it catches fire. Don’t know if that’s logical or not. Paramedics respond effectively, but the sick NPC drags themselves to the ambulance, and the idiot driver got stuck in traffic and sucks at their job. Lord, why does this happen? Well, water from hydrants goes way up, and you’re thrown sideways when you mess with that thing.

What happens in GTA 5

Cars behave the same as GTA 4, the damage is less severe than its predecessor game. Paramedics don’t suck at driving. What relief, but they park their ambulance far from the sick NPC. When it gets stolen, they part ways and disappear. Hydrants behave the same way as GTA 4, but the distance is less than GTA 4 and one is thrown upwards, not too up though.

Funny thing, you don’t pay for car damage in all games, like In reality.

According to you, which of these GTA games has the best logic, and which has the dumbest? Do you think there is any logic behind GTA and reality?

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