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Beginning quietly, far from the sea I experienced a thunderstorm. I watched it yet nothing was visible amid the rolling tide and dark clouds. Viewing from the balcony, I confirmed the thunder’s soft murmur. Within the following few moments, reflecting lightening appeared on the glow rippling sea while the closing of the clouds began.

The sun was now covered with thunderheads as there was a vista shadow. For a long time, there was peace. Still looking up, there began the initial struck of a thunderbolt. The latter could be seen blazing against the sea and the sky. Truly, the shape of the thunderbolt could be seen within the first blink of an eye in reverse colors. As the stuttering and rumble of the thunder continued, more reverse colors followed. The sky appeared as if it was torn and the clouds opened. Brilliant blue spots shone higher on the sea.

This time, I observed and watched the waves as I looked down. Every moment of surface’s spreading lights answered each bolt. I could hear the rough waves that highly rose and made hard crashes. Now, I must admit I had lost focus and could not explain the process. It appeared as if darkness could enter and at the same time disappear. Rain quickly dropped within a few seconds.

All at once, the rain increased and the sand was soaked in the sheets and the ocean was filled with it. I saw the lightening in light flashes. Although light occurred at once, it is accurate to say that it could not be predicted or timed at the moment. The rolling of the thunder could only make surprising sounds that also scared the “big man.”

I could tell the thunder resulted from heat air that had been discharged electrically. That is, the storm can be described to have resulted as that of an electrical strike; thus, causing some lightning sparks. Due to the dense surface, only the flashes of the lightning could be observed. I mean, that’s what my science teacher told me back in primary school.


This time I started to believe that the whole scenario was coming to an end. So hard, the flashes dropped down making the thunderstorm to drown. Each moment the whole situation occurred, a rhythmic shadow and light happened.

Besides, silence and noise shocked me and they all blend in similarly making it a five-sense experience. Despite the confusing occurrence, I could tell that the booming of the storm had stopped. I believe that a thunderbolt could only be made better by rain that dropped in the sea. Was it not for the rain, would the thunder have remained to scare me? Yes, it could have. Its sound was absorbed by the rain since it did not penetrate as it did before the rain began.

Instantly, the braking of the storm reached and everything stopped. Like curtains, the clouds began to fall apart. At first, I thought the latter could trigger another new process of a booming thunderstorm. Although, the fall of the rain continued, this time it happened slowly and softly. It seemed as if no thunderstorm had happened earlier. Except that this time a person with more experience could tell there was a storm considering the amount of rain that caused the sand to splash.

A rainbow appeared, spreading violently bright colors across and above the water. Again, I started to watch the horizon.

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