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Becoming a Dad – Tips and Tricks.

There are so many things I did not know about becoming a dad. But sometimes you have to learn on the job. This was one such time.

Kids have a strong connection to their mum but the bond between a father and his son/daughter depends on the father’s effort. Since I knew this, I made a promise to always make an effort to establish and nurture the bond between my son and me. And it’s not that hard. I mean, keep the conversations going longer than usual. Make sure you never do anything that jeopardizes your communication.

By the 24th week of pregnancy, the baby can hear things happening in the outside environemnt. I took advantage and began talking to out little man before i knew what he looked like. Every evening i got to the house from work tired but i made sure to tell him how my day was. He always responded by kicking hard which kinda upset him mum but we enjoyed it. He heard me alright and tried to talk back. There is no better stress reliever than this i can assure you.

With him here, not much has changed. Probably the fact that I no longer go to work so I’m always around. Babies are always evolving in the first few months. At first, he kinda loved hanging out with dad as he worked and falling asleep in my arms. Then he enjoyed watching football with me and we’d both fall asleep on the couch. And now that I work from home he’s just talking in a language I can’t quite understand. Can I say it’s fun? Well, of course, it’s fun. Can I confirm that it’s easy? Well, hell no! It’s nowhere close to being easy because I have to trick him into sleeping and I sneak out of the bed while he’s asleep.

Becoming a dad has definitely made me a better person. I work harder than I used to, I’m more patient. Talking of patience, babies can be quite annoying at times. I think that they do some things intentionally. On this day, I’m dressed really nice ready to run some errands and I decide to hold him before I head out and he does the worst. He’s burping and suddenly I have this white substance all over my black polo sweater. Yes! He’s puked on me and he’s smiling sheepishly. I gently hand him over to his mum, head back to the bedroom, and change my look. That messes up my confidence because I really loved the polo sweater look but what do I do?

One of the things I found very annoying is the razor-sharp nails that babies are never afraid of using. Since our little man refused to sleep in his crib and preferred sandwiching himself between mummy and daddy, I’ve really suffered the wrath of his nails. For a week, my chest looked like some country’s map from the scratches I suffered. Any time he needed my attention my face or chest suffered the scratches until I devised a way of curbing it.

Normally, he would become very restless when I cut his nails using a nail cutter. He would scream as if it hurt, or probably it did. So I normalized using my “nail cutter pro”, teeth. Every time after he’d taken a shower and I was sure his hands were clean, I’d allow him to run his hands through my face, and in one way or another, his fingers would end up in my mouth. Bad mistake. I would clip his nails carefully while we giggle and have fun. Before he realizes, his fingers have no nails and he’s practically harmless. For the next couple of nights, I was safe from his scratches. He’d try to scratch me and be surprised when I did not scream or curse loudly. C’mon, he needs to find some other means of inflicting pain.

Becoming a dad is not a walk in the park all through. It’s very demanding and at some point, you will feel that you’ve had enough. But every time your kid smiles at you or cries to be held by you, every feeling of exhaustion ends. It’s rejuvenating.

That’s all for today. Till next time, Adios.

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