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How I manage family and work from home.

Being a young parent and maintaining a steady income to support my family is not a walk in the park. How young? Well, that a story for another day. 😊 Being young and managing a career is a big challenge by itself. Responsibilities that come with being a responsible dad and husband add to the complexity. So, how do I manage family and work from home?

In most cases, I’m forced to make some tough decisions to make sure everything is in check. But it gets down to identifying priorities per given time. For instance, do I watch a movie with my wife while eating popcorn or hang out with our son? These decisions may seem simple but they are very tough. In some cases, things fail to work out and it’s up to me to get things straight. Because, if I don’t then we’ll go broke and we all know where that leads us.

Sometimes I’d advise having a routine. Knowing the exact time you allocate everything works well but it has its challenges. It only works when you have a steady job and pre-determined working hours. For instance, working for a single company or client. But, one thing I have noted about being an ambitious freelancer and self-employed entrepreneur is that typical working hours don’t apply. Working with clients from different timezones often messes your schedule. Therefore, maintaining a routine can be quite challenging. This comes down to identifying priorities. Let’s explore this.

Young Families.

Before we get down to priorities, let’s explore what it means or rather entails to be a young family. My perception is being a committed partner and parent while in your early twenties. Most people are afraid of it but I’d blame it on societal stereotypes. Fact be told, it’s quite intriguing because it allows young couples to grow together in all aspects. However, if not managed, it can prove the stereotypes right.

Think of it this way. At this stage, love and fondness towards each other is at its peak. It’s a great feeling. But letting feeling influence decisions you make often results in consequences that are not pleasant. It, therefore, requires a great deal of objectivity between the two. Adding a child to the equation might be perceived as complexity but I think that its exactly what such an entanglement needs. Did I just use the term entanglement? Yes, I did. 😆

Being a parent forces you to focus on strategic things both in the short and long run. If you’re working from home, it helps you manage family and work from home. It challenges you to work harder and be more committed to the hustle because you have something to lose. Well, this only applies to the responsible folks but I feel that it should happen to every parent.

Working From Home.

The current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of businesses and companies. A significant number of people have lost their jobs due to the resultant economic crisis. However, the few who still have their jobs are now working from home. This might sound like a good thing but it’s not. Working from home comes with various challenges most of which may compromise the quality of work.

To get your body and mind in the game, a conducive working space is key. I made a small investment in an office chair and desk to make sure working felt professional. The next thing is to identify an area in the house that is comfortable and allows me to channel my attention and energy to work. It is very important to avoid a place that would make you susceptible to distraction. I make sure I turn my back at the TV to make sure the rest of the family continues with their activities while I work. It’s not easy but it’s worth the effort.

I would advise going all the way. By this, I mean dress professionally so that your mind is set to the working mode. Dressing professionally also helps people in the house realize the seriousness in the venture and refrain from disturbing you. The youngest children might not get it in the beginning. But it gives you some level of sophistication compared when you work in your pajamas. Asserting that you’re working and do not need to be disturbed might be enough. However, it will work better when you create an environment where that assertion is taken seriously. What better way than by dressing professionally?

Managing Family and Working from Home

Having a young family needs constant attention. At times, managing the pressure and attention from family and that from work, especially when working from home can be quite a challenge. But following the guidelines shared on this post and also from an exclusive post I did a few months ago, it’s quite manageable.

I speak from experience because I have been at it for a while now being a freelancer for the longest part of my professional experience. Now that I have a family, I experienced some challenges on how to manage family and work from home. I, therefore, thought it wise to share my experiences to help others who think it’s not viable. It is possible and I believe that I am successful proof that it can be achieved.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and found the post very helpful. If so give us a thumbs up and tell us what you think or rather your experiences while working from home in the comment section. Till next time, Adios.

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