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Life is a Blessing in Disguise – My Perception

Today I will not be teaching you any skill but I sure will create awareness about a few things in life. What is life? To me, life is a blessing in disguise. This is my perception and it should be yours too.

Most times we forget the small things in life and focus on the big dreams we have. We forget that waking up every day and taking breakfast is no typical thing. Instead, we focus on stressing our life chasing dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also chasing my dreams but I think we should take a step back every time before we sleep, look back, and evaluate.

We all want to be successful in life. We all have goals alright. What is your goal? When I think of it now, I have too many goals I might not have it all figured out in terms of their order of precedence. And that’s the problem with us, me and you. Today I’m broke and my goal will be earning money. I will get an ‘appropriately-behaving’ client and all my money problems will be solved in a few hours, days, or months depending on the nature of the gig. But what will happen then?

We forget the past trouble and focus on the next problem at hand. But that’s life and it’s unparalleled. We live under the notion that we will be successful. But immediately after the success, we upgrade our lifestyles. That’s something else, totally different to the point I want to put across today but it’s a topic for another day.

If my current problem is being able to live a self-sustainable life where I take care of my bills without a struggle, I’m more likely to upgrade when things seem to get better. The most common excuse is that the challenge will make me focus and work harder. This might be the case and it’s worked for me a couple of times, but it also means living a life of constant working with few or no breaks. But it’s no all our effort. The being that gave us life is constantly giving us bonuses for conforming to the rules of life. Yes, the rules of life which include being compassionate.

My work patterns keep changing depending on clients. But today after having changed my schedule for the past few days, it got me thinking. When will this ever end? I’m I happy doing this for the rest of my life? Well, the honest answer is a strong YES! I can get almost everything I, my wife, and son need. That’s happiness and contentment to me right there.

This also got me thinking about the greatest blessing overall. Life! God has given us a chance to enjoy life for free as long as we abide by the defined moral and ethical codes. At least that’s how I perceive it. We read his accords from the bible, abide by each one of them, and each of us gets a different package of life.

We judge each other at times. “That family is not righteous but they live a better life than us. God is not fair.” I believe it’s accurate to say that this thought has crossed your mind once or twice. You have seen a neighbor or friend whom you think deserve less getting more from life and living better than you. That’s their effort, I also believe. But my primary focus is on the gift of life.

Every day you rise up from your bed is an indication that God has given you another chance to be a better version than you. You are not better than anyone, instead, you are more accustomed to thanksgiving. Embrace that! When you do, everything else will be easy then.

We are working right but for the wrong reasons. Most people are working towards outshining their fellows and I believe that it’s wrong. The fight is not against each other, rather, it’s against poverty. That’s what I believe. If my goal is to pay my bills peacefully, I should no be bothered by my mate who wants to build a house. That’s their goal and I should be happy for them. If I meet my goals and those we’ve set for my family then should be comfortably content.

Life is like treading on uncharted waters but does the chant have to be negative? I believe not. Set your goals and no matter how crazy they seem, let them be your focus. Don’t lose that focus. Keep fighting for them and I promise you, they will unfold like golden rays in front of your eyes. The price to pay is being consistent.

Why did I write this piece? I’m going, to be honest with you. Over the last five years, I have spent my time collecting knowledge in different fields (try it). I used that knowledge to build a small self-sustaining empire around me. But I have never been content until I committed to something greater. My family! The people who supported me through being a young husband and dad in my early twenties can fit in one hand. I almost became a deadbeat prospective dad. But I did not pay attention to the negative ‘feedback’. Positive feedback on the other hand has kept me going and well, combining knowledge and purpose has expanded a few boundaries for me.

Literally writing, life is a blessing in disguise. Or rather, life is a blessed lemon but you only make much out of it by making lemonade out of it. Don’t split your attention fam, set your goals and adhere to them. Maintain your integrity, well, it speaks for you when you cannot speak for yourself.


Set your goals and never lose focus on them no matter what. Unless it’s a scenario of life and death, don’t compromise. It might not be worth it.

Life is a blessing in disguise. Till next time, Adios.

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