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Zahir – Part Two

Check out Zahir part one here.

“I really don’t have a solid plan, except blowing Shade’s head off”

“No need. We have a lot of things that can bring him down in the company,” Jaheim told him.

And with those words, Zahir and Jaheim ended up on the same team. Meaning that all of Furry Coat is on their side because Jaheim is most loved in the company. But, only one person is on Shade’s side. His personal assistant, Avoy.

One fine day, Shade called all members of Furry Coat and gave them shocking news. The company was turning into a public company. Why? Apparently, funding in public companies depends on the services they provide. It is these funds that Shade was after, as a top-up of the already squandered money that the company had. And the employees were given a warning;

“If you value your job, don’t go out there and demonstrate against the decision because it’s final. No one can do anything about it.” Shade completed his out-of-line speech.

Jaheim informed Zahir of Shade’s decision and as expected, Zahir became furious.

“Jaheim, get all evidence that you can against this piece of trash before he makes Furry Coat public. Find people who will help,” Zahir requested.

So, Jaheim called only five people: Lace the IT expert, May who has access to all the files, Aiden the organizer of Summer in the Woods Summit, Tee the electrician, and Corey the messenger. These are the key to the downfall of Shade because they know all his flaws. They came up with a plan not only to bring Shade down but also something they called “5 secrets”, something Zahir isn’t aware of.

“We wanna sabotage the Summer in the Woods Summit and put 5 secrets to action,” Jaheim told them. How the hell are they gonna do that?

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